Leads Database Template

leads database template

Previously we have two posts about how to create a leads database and a case study for the cosmetics store that create a leads database. This leads database template will help you to manage your leads and marketing activities related to those leads.

Do you want to know how your marketing efforts bring results to your company? How do your customers respond to your promotional activities? Not everyone wants to be disturbed by your promotional activities. These are important questions for your small business.

Because of that, I create one template that you can use as a leads database. One sheet of this leads database template is for one person that presents a lead, a prospect, or a customer for your company. You can see how this leads database template look here:


As you can see, the leads database template covers all elements that I have explained in the earlier post about the leads database. Except for contact details in the form, you can record all previous, current, and future marketing activities that you have used and are related to that specific person.

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Follow Your Marketing Efforts

Also, there is one combo box for all marketing activities where you can measure the impression of specific marketing activity. You can choose one from three different options: Low, Average, and Good impression. This field can help you with an evaluation of each marketing activity that you implement for a specific person. When you collect all that information from different leads you can see what are the most effective marketing efforts for your small business. With this information, you can stop with some of the marketing efforts that don’t give you the results you are expecting. In such a way, you can start with continuous improvement of your marketing activities and marketing calendar. This will bring a continuous increase of business potential energy of your overall business.

Download Leads Database Template

You can download this leads database template from here.

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