7 Steps to Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign and Grow Your Sales

7 Steps to Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign and Skyrocket Your Sales

E-mail marketing is the basis for businesses to engage in communication with potential customers, to increase sales to increase brand recognition, to educate potential customers, to collaborate with potential customers… You need always to improve your e-mail marketing campaign.

In a previous post, we give easy eight steps for designing an effective email marketing campaign for your business.

Here, I will share some ideas about where you can start with your improvements to the email marketing campaign for your small business.

Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign Step #1: Subject Lines

The subject line of each email is the basis for the recipient’s decision if he/she will open and read the rest of the e-mail’s content. Look at your statistics and learn which subject lines provide the best responses (open rate) and, which was with poor responses. Improve all your poor subject lines to increase the open rate of your emails.

Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign Step #2: Headings in the rest of the E-mail Message

After the subject line and a decision to open the message, the receiver does not start reading from the beginning to the end of the message. It scans the content, and if there are headings, they will read it first. Because of that, you must look at all your headings and consider possible improvements that will encourage reading of a whole message.

Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign Step #3: The Content of the Message

The purpose of your email marketing campaign can be different. The content must be designed to encourage the achievement of your goals. Is there enough irresistible offer included in the content? Is there a clear call to action?

Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign Step #4: Best Timing to Send Messages

Sometimes exactly the same time for sending emails can bring a higher open rate when you send emails. Look at your email marketing analytics and discover what is the best time for sending your messages. It is important to ensure that when you send your email there is a large part of people that will get and read it.

Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign Step #5: Frequency of Sending the Campaigns

More frequent emails that you send to your list can be the reason for the higher unsubscription rate. You must find the optimal frequency that will allow you to send maximum emails with the lowest possible unsubscription rate.

Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign Step #6: Social Sharing

Look at your emails and ask yourself if they can be easily be shared on social media. If it is not, it is time to include social media buttons in your messages that will facilitate sharing options for the receiver. Another possibility is to encourage your readers to share the messages on social media. Sometimes social media buttons will not work.

Improve E-mail Marketing Campaign Step #7: Segment the Audience

Something that seriously annoys me is receiving too many emails without the basic reason because I’ve opted-in that list. Look at your list to find the behavior of persons in terms of opened emails and opened links. You can identify segments and improve the content for each segment. In such a way, you will have different email content for each segment.