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10 Small Business Blog Topics You Can Cover on Your Business Blog

small business blog topics

Blogging is one of the marketing weapons for small businesses becomes more and more popular. The visibility and expertise of the businesses are much higher with this marketing tool. But, one of the biggest challenges with which entrepreneurs are facing is what to write on the business blog. What are the small business blog topics that need to be covered.

There are many advantages for using a business blog for business purpose. You can read about this in 10 advantages of using blogs for your business.

Simply, your small business blog topics must ensure that your blog is a place where your potential customers will come from time to time and read the content. While they are reading your small business blog topics, they will need to learn something. The reading of your content at the end must motivate them to want to buy from your company, or to create desire for your products and services. In such a way, your business blog can become a great marketing weapon as a magnet for the starting stage of your sales funnel.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Good Business Logo

Why Your Business Need a Good Business Logo

Your business logo, name, and slogan are three key elements that give your business the identity, whether it is an existing or new business. If the slogan is the verbal logo, the logo will be a picturesque logo of your business.

The second pillar of the identity of your new or existing business is the logo. It is not the rule that you must have a logo, but it is desirable to build a full identity and recognition from the start of your business. In this way, you can increase your business potential energy.

Why You Really Need to Use a Business Blog For Your Company

successful business blog and blogging

Each business today must have some online presence. Your web presence is something that must be part of your marketing calendar. More and more large companies use the business blog in their daily business activities. It doesn’t mean that blogging for business is only for large companies.

Today, your small business also need a blog as one of your marketing weapons. Luckily, it is an easy and cost-effective way to reach a large number of potential customers.

There are many questions related to the possible ways of online presentation of the businesses. Here I want to present some solution that is very cost effective and very easy to use.

Business Cards as a Strong Marketing Weapon for Your Small Business

Business Cards as a Strong Marketing Weapon for Your Small Business

With this post, I will start a series of posts related to marketing weapons or resources that I claimed in the Marketing resources post. The first marketing weapon that I will present here is business cards. Every business MUST use them as a strong marketing weapon.

Business cards present a strong marketing weapon that contains all necessary information about your company when some people need your products or services. This is the most effective marketing weapon for small business owners when we talk about expenses. But, it would be best if you remembered that they aren’t tools that can cover all data about your business or your products or services. There will be information or messages that cannot be on this marketing weapon.

More importantly, your cards must give one professional image of your company. An image that can enter the brain of the business card holder and that can encourage specific actions from potential customers.

What is and How to Create and Use Marketing Calendar?

What is and How to Create and Use Marketing Calendar

Today, I will continue with other marketing weapons as a part of entrepreneurial efforts to use different marketing tactics. After we cover the marketing plan as one of the marketing weapons now we will continue with a marketing calendar.

The marketing calendar will need to be part of one excellent marketing plan. Marketing tasks, such as brochures, flyers, radio and TV campaigns, mailings, phone calls, networking techniques, and others must be managed and implemented in real-time.

This calendar must be part of any successful marketing plan. Simply, a marketing calendar is a 12-month description of what you plan to do about your marketing efforts as an entrepreneur. Yes, this means that the calendar is a written road map for your promotional activities for a specific period of time. You must know that your marketing calendar is a dynamic, living document that will change over time.

Top 10 No-Cost Marketing Strategies

Top 10 No-Cost Marketing Strategies

Sometimes you can make a really big difference for your business without the need to invest a large amount of money. Here I want to share the top 10 no-cost marketing strategies.

We are living in a period of big global economic recession. Customers are scared about their future. Losing jobs and lack of finances enforce them to save and avoid spending money.

Many small businesses in such times look for cutting costs for marketing as one of the solutions. But, for all businesses, marketing is one, and the only thing that can bring fresh customers.

Here are the top ten no-cost marketing strategies that you and every small business can use to succeed in a rigid financial period.