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6 Amazing iOS Job Search Apps to Kickstart Your IT Job Search

job search apps

Finding the job of your dreams in information technology might take more work than you can do while sitting at your desk. Job search apps can help you look for jobs any time and any place using your smartphone.

You can scroll through jobs while riding on the subway and flag them to apply for once you get home, or you can download apps that allow you to share your experience and resume using a few swipes on the screen. Here are six job search platforms apps that all IT professionals should have on their phones if they’re seeking to change employers.

6 Reasons Outsourced Email Services Are Good For Business

outsourced email services

Without the right tools for communication, an enterprise can lose valuable customers and important business relationships. To prevent such losses, it’s imperative for companies to have the necessary tools to stay in the game.  For instance, businesses must make sure that their email services are up to scratch because email remains as one of the most valuable communication technologies in the business world.

Entrepreneurs: How to Simplify Your Business Technology Needs

21st century business technology

Being a business owner today means being mobile and use business technology. Between 2012 and 2015, the number of business owners who used their mobile phones for business at least once a day increased from 70 to 80 percent, according to Manta’s SMB Wellness Index. Twenty-five percent use their mobile phone for business at least once an hour. Seventy-eight percent even use their mobile device while sitting in front of their computer, typically for tasks such as checking texts and email.

This raises the question of whether both a smartphone and a computer are essential to run a business. Ten percent of business owners run their business entirely from their smartphones, Forbes research shows. Whether or not you want to ditch your desktop and go mobile-only, slimming down your technology can cut both your expenses and the amount of equipment you need to store and lug around. Here are some strategies you can use as an entrepreneur to clean up your technological clutter related to your business technology while cutting your costs at the same time.

Top Tech to Get the Most Out of Sport


Technology and sport have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship over the last 60+ years. Ever since the Yankee Stadium in New York unveiled the first electronic scoreboard in 1959, technology companies have been enhancing both our experience and engagement with sport.

Indeed, moving forward through the years, the Wilson T2000 harnessed the power of chrome tubular steel to create a lightweight tennis racket that transformed the speed of tennis in 1960. Beyond the world of tennis, cyclist Chris Boardman was able to break untold records when you rode the Lotus 108. Thanks to its unique design and monocoque frame, Boardman’s bike changed the face of professional cycling for good back in the nineties.

Translation Stages and Their Many Applications

translation stages

One of the most important components in today’s modern motion systems is the translation stage, otherwise known as the linear stage. These machine components are very useful in systems that require highly accurate translation of loads, which is why they are incorporated into a wide variety of precision instruments used by manufacturing industries and scientific disciplines.

More of this will be discussed below, but before that, here’s a little background on the 6 degrees of freedom.

Does a Small Business Really Need IT Support?

IT support

If you are running a small home business, the chances are you still have an accountant. Most new entrepreneurs realize quite quickly that keeping their accounts and filling out their tax returns accurately is not as easy as it seems on paper. Many try to manage in the first year, by which point they see the wisdom of hiring a professional to take care of this aspect of their business. Using different IT tools, become clear that many small businesses need some type of IT support for their business.

Here we would like to explain the importance of IT support and why and how specialized IT support will help your small business growth plans.