It’s Not About Your Size, It’s More About Your Greatness

Is the size of your company something that defines success for you? Or, the success is larger income or profitability? What about your greatness?

Many times when we talk about successful companies we think about growth in the number of employees, growth in income, profit and so on. These elements are important, and it is a fact. But, success is not and simply can’t be measured in growing numbers.

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Do You Really Need to Be a Perfect Entrepreneur?

I think about this a very long time. Yes, you want to be a perfect entrepreneur. We want our businesses to be perfect, our products and services to be perfect. But, I have many failures for the projects for which I wanted to be perfect from the beginning....

7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making as an Entrepreneur

Mistakes are normally part of any entrepreneurial life. They are here, and often it is good to make mistakes as early as possible in order to learn fast and use that learning for your business improvements. But, even some mistakes are really acceptable in the...

3 Essentials You Need to Know About Online Video Ads

Advertising is not cheap and deciding how to spend your budget can be stressful; TV, radio, sponsored Facebook and Google ads … what’s the best route? Sure, any great advertising strategy should be well-rounded, but when one medium pulls ahead of...

Effective Sales Funnel Management

Do you work on effective sales funnel management? This question is more than actual for you as an entrepreneur because your sales funnel is not something that can be set and forgotten if you want to bring you the results that you want to achieve. As you...