Extended Auto Warranty Plans In The Industry

Once someone has finalized a car purchase deal, the dealership manager normally offers other things such as road-hazard warranty, theft recovery systems, paint protection, etc. But one he is sure to offer and which is the costliest of them all is an Extended Auto Warranty, also referred to as a Vehicle Service Contract.

To put it simply, an extended auto warranty is damage and repair coverage that kicks in once the original automaker’s warranty has expired. There are different types of extended warranty plans with varying benefits and these are typically offered by auto protection services but also by car manufacturers on their own vehicles.

Now, when it comes to dealerships, they are normally affiliated with a third-party administrator (in other words, an auto protection company) and this is to the dealerships’ advantage since they stand to profit from an extended warranty that they sell to their customers. However, if you buy an extended car warranty from the dealership at the time you buy your car, the problem is you don’t get to choose your option.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended that before you buy your vehicle, you do adequate research on what auto protection companies are offering the most beneficial deals for your purpose. Now, once you have zeroed in on the company and your preferred plan, you can either look for a dealership that is affiliated with the company of your choice or just postpone buying the extended warranty plan for later. The latter is a more useful approach since you don’t stand to lose anything by buying a plan at a later date—given that you buy it before the automaker’s warranty expires.

Palmer Administration Service

Now given the fact that the auto protection industry is loaded with numerous auto protection services, it is no easy task to find the right company and the right plan for your vehicle. That being so, you can still safely go for Palmer Administration, a leading name in the country’s auto protection industry.

With over three decades of experience behind then, Palmer Administrative Services is favored by thousands of motorists nationwide for the variety of affordable and reliable plans the company offers. Add to it factors such as affordable financing, simple claims processing, amazing benefits attached to each plan, and first-rate customer service and it is not difficult to see why the company enjoys the kind of popularity that it does.

Currently, Palmer Administration offers six different plans so that every prospective customer can settle for a plan that suits his budget. There is the Basic Plan—the most pocket-friendly one providing coverage for the engine components while on the other end of the line, there is the thoroughly comprehensive Elite Exclusionary Plan that covers all components of your car except normal wear and tears items such as light bulbs, upholstery, paint, and certain luxury electronics.

In between, you’ll find another four plans—namely Royal Select, Premier, Classic, and Powertrain—that provide selective coverage of varying degrees.

Then there is the long list of benefits that you get to enjoy with these plans. Some of the more prominent of these are transferable coverage, an unlimited number of claims during the lifetime of the warranty, nationwide coverage at all accredited repair facilities in the US and Canada, and flexible payment plans. With certain of their plans, you will also receive benefits such as roadside assistance, car rental, lockout assistance, and trip interruption protection.

Another reason Palmer Administrative Services is highly regarded by its customers is its method of hassle-free claims processing. Once your car breaks down, you need only call the customer rep of the company and once it is authorized that the damaged part is undercover, the company will pay directly to the mechanic or the repair shop.

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