Who Should You Trust for Your Bank Runs?

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Choosing who delivers your company’s takings to the bank is a major decision – one that you have to think over carefully.

Before you make a decision, however, you need to understand a little bit about cash-in-transit services.

What are Cash-in-Transit Services?

Cash in transit services is available in three basic forms. The following definitions narrow down the primary ways money is collected and deposited in a business’s account.

1 – Cash Collection or Courier Services

The first service is cash collection or courier services. This service provides cash pick up of your company’s takings and deposits into the bank. The collection service also involves the pickup and delivery of cheques. Service is usually provided anytime, day or night, 7 days a week.

2 – Cash Delivery or Change Order Services

The second cash in transit service is cash delivery, also known as a change order service. The courier picks up the cash from the bank and delivers it back to the company.

3 – Cash Counting

The third specialized service is cash counting. This type of specialist service involves picking up the cash and counting it before it is deposited and transferred to the customer’s bank account.

How Services Are Scheduled

Services can be used on an ongoing basis or as required, and companies can also provide after-hours services for special functions, fetes or events.

Making a Decision for a Cash-in-Transit Provider

To make sure you receive excellent bank delivery services, make sure you have access to each of the above cash in transit services and that each service is available for use 24/7. You also need to go with a courier that features offices throughout Australia. Cash in transit services should be available in such major locations as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne. The people who perform the work should be licensed and insured as well.

Make Sure the Company Offers the Following Amenities

Try to find a service that will not lock you into a contract. Make sure, if you are not pleased with the service, you can cancel your bank runs at any time. Customers should be able to book and cancel cash pickups, submit orders, download copies of their courier’s insurance plan and verify the IDs of couriers online.

Courier Apparel Should Be Inconspicuous

Choose a company that requires its couriers to wear plain clothes and drive unmarked vehicles. The security provider should be well-respected in the logistics field, not only for its expedient delivery but for its high level of security.

Choose a Provider that Offers High-Level Affordable Services

The company you select should be affordable. It should be able to work within the budgetary parameters of your organization. Again, make sure the service can manage your banking and change order services over a wide geographic locale. Couriers should always maintain their own insurance cover. Otherwise, you should look elsewhere for a provider.

Look for a Flexible Provider

Flexibility is another key component to seek. Being able to have your banking collected on the days you choose or having the option to cancel or change pick-up dates is essential in streamlining the running of your operations.

Does the Courier Use Today’s Technology?

Also, utilize the services of a company that supports today’s technology. You should be able to go online at any time to book and cancel pickups, download contractor insurances copies, submit change order requests or verify a courier’s ID.

Companies such as Secure Cash meet the above-stated criteria. Take a look at the company’s banking delivery services to see how you can enhance the financial side of your business.