Casumo Review – an Enterprising Online Casino Experience


If you have been paying close attention to the world of online casinos in recent years, then the presence of Casumo Casino will certainly have caught your attention. While more established online casinos have been content to stick to tried and tested formulas, the team at Casumo has taken an altogether different approach in an attempt to win over that elusive millennial generation.

This casino launched in 2012, and it was immediately apparent that this Swedish company was trying something very different. It is a model which has been imitated to a certain extent by competitors, but Casumo remains the original and arguably the best innovators in the business. So why is Casumo so different from other online casinos on the market?

Log on to the Casumo Casino site and you will be greeted by visuals that are completely different from those which have long been in favor of established online casinos. The earliest online casinos attempted to mimic the look and feel of a physical casino in terms of design. In effect, this meant a roulette table inspired the color scheme of blacks and reds, along with lots of attractive, smiling croupiers in evening wear. Open up a selection of active online casinos, and you will see this same pattern is still in common usage today. While this style of a casino will appeal to that generation of players who transition between physical casinos and online versions, it quite simply does not appeal to younger players in the same way. That generation of 20-somethings doesn’t see the attraction of whiling away hours playing a slot machine in a casino or working out the best bets to make at the baccarat table. Something more enterprising is required in order for online casinos to entice the millennial generation to get on board.

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That is where the Casumo design team came in. Their site is a riot of colorful animations, a world away from the image of stuffy casinos. Casumo is interested in the merging of social gaming with gambling: the gamification of real money betting. When you sign up,  you will be eligible to receive a pretty fantastic welcome bonus of €1,200 plus 200 free spins. The bonus is spread over your first five deposits, but even if you just want to make one deposit to check the site out, Casumo will really make it worth your while. Your first deposit of up to €25 will be doubled by a 200% bonus, meaning your €25 initial investment becomes a truly generous €75 (along with those 200 free spins). It is a smart bonus offer, equally attractive to both high rollers and small depositors.  Once you have registered and received your bonus, it is time to start exploring Casumo’s world.

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Every new player takes on a new avatar, a blobby white animated character who wears a rope around his waist. As you play more games you accumulate experience, which allows you to level up. This is signaled by the character’s changing attire, from the rope to sumo-style belts going from white to yellow, red, blue, purple, and finally black belt. Each time you level up you will have access to new ‘worlds’, and will also be eligible to receive greater rewards, which come in the form of cash, free spins, deposit bonuses, and other valuable items. How much more enjoyable than the old-fashioned loyalty bonus plans which gradually tick over in the background with all the fun and excitement of a metronome.

Apart from the overall site design, Casumo brings more fun elements to the table. Along the left-hand side of the home screen, you will see a ticker scrolling upwards to reveal the latest big winners on the site. There are also round-the-clock slot gaming competitions, which pit players against one another. These little competitive battles mimic the feel of social games, with the same leaderboard features to encourage some friendly rivalry between players. Plus there are regular promotions that offer a variety of different ways that players can boost their account balances, all featuring those wonderful little illustrations of Casumo’s universe.

While other sites have tried to replicate the blend of gaming and gambling, none have managed quite the same levels of success as this Swedish innovator. The welcome bonus draws new players into the site, and once registered, they are unlikely to leave in a hurry. We haven’t even mentioned the selection of games on offer here, but suffice to say that it is as varied and exciting as the site itself. Casumo looks very much like the future of the online casino industry, and it’s a world we want to spend a lot of time in.