Responsibility of You as an Entrepreneur

entrepreneurial responsibility

Probably you already met with the high pressure of responsibility that you will need to have while you manage your small business. Responsibility! It is the word that was avoided by many people. This word has important meaning, but also so many times many people just avoid to take responsibility.

What about entrepreneurs?

From my personal experience, I found that around 80% and more entrepreneurs want to avoid their direct responsibility for their own companies. They avoid responsibilities for their failures. So, they can not learn from their failures. They cannot improve themselves and then their business. In such a way, the business that they have and manage is an average business.

The rest, between 10% to 20% of entrepreneurs that I have met are responsible and at the same time manage highly successful companies.

Responsibility – The Difference Between Success and Failure

Something that makes the difference between average and successful business is the responsibility of an entrepreneur.

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What do you think about the following statements?

  • Customers don’t want to buy my products and services. They are fault about that, not me, not my business.
  • My employees are not suitable for my company. They are fault about that, not me, not my employees, not my HR department.
  • Competition in the market is very powerful. They are fault about that, not me, not my business because we don’t do something about that.
  • My partners are not suitable for my company. They are fault about that, not me, not my business who select them and build the partnership with them.

Have you ever said something like these sentences?

If your answer is yes, then you are one of the entrepreneurs who want to avoid personal responsibilities because you want to transfer such responsibility to other stakeholders for your company.

If your answer is no, then probably you are a responsible entrepreneur who has a highly successful business.

Take Your Responsibility for the Success of Your Business

If you want to build a successful business, you must be entirely responsible about that. Each business problem is your responsibility.

You cannot say that customers don’t want to buy your products or services because they are bad guys. What about your market research that you make? How did that research tell you something related to what customers will like to buy from your company as products or services? Who is a fault and responsible now? You or your customers who don’t want to buy your products or services?

You cannot say that your employees are not so good and because of that your business suffers. Who has hired them, or decide about their employment? You, as an entrepreneur is responsible for finding the best employees for your business. You, as an entrepreneur is responsible for building your business team.

You cannot say that competitors are guilty because of your business failures. Competitors want the same as you. It is a more significant market share and increased sales and profitability. Why they succeed, and you are not achieving success? Your business success is not their responsibility. It is only yours.