Tips for Managing Your Small Business Finances

small business expenses and finances

Proper management of finances is important if you want your business to survive industry competition and a volatile economy. Every business needs to have a financial structure that allows it to make a profit and stay afloat. As an entrepreneur, you should have great money management skills to turn your business idea into a success.

Here are some tips that will help you to manage your business finances:

Educate Yourself

You need to learn some aspects of business finance, such as reading financial statements. A financial statement lets you know where your money comes from, where it is, and how often it changes hands. A financial statement has four important details: balance sheet, cash flow statement, financial inflow and outflow, and income statement.

The balance sheet has information about your business’s liabilities, assets, and stakeholder equity. Your cash flow statement is an analysis of your investments, operating activities, and financial out/inflow. The income statement shows the revenue that your business earns within a given period.

Separate Business and Personal Finances

You need to make sure that your personal and business finances are separate. This means that you cannot use a personal credit card for business expenses – instead, you should get a company credit card for business expenses only. This will allow you to keep track of your business and personal expenses.

You should also consider opening a savings account that will cater to your business needs and transfer a percentage of money from your payments to it. Doing so allows you to build a significant corpus; you can then use this money to pay your taxes.

Cut Costs

You need to keep your expenses in check by remaining tight-fisted when necessary. You should only do this if it does not affect customer satisfaction. Your business has variable and fixed costs – although you cannot do anything about fixed costs, you can always reduce your variable costs.

For instance, if you want to start working with software, you should opt for cloud-based, free software instead of buying branded software that is costly. You can also save on travel costs by conducting free video conferences instead of traveling halfway across the country to meet a client. If possible, you should barter your services with business owners as a substitute for cash.

Invest in Cloud-based Software for Accounting

Although you can always download accounting software, you will not have the same convenience as with cloud-based software. Cloud-based software offers you real-time insights because you will be able to update, store, monitor, and access information at any time from any location.

Another helpful software that will really benefit your business is employee expense reimbursement software, wherein the employees can upload the image of the receipts they spent for business purposes using their personal money. This software will surely come in handy for business owners to send payouts. 

Whether you are traveling, at home, or in the office, you will be able to work on your data.

Measure and Monitor Performance

As a business owner, you need to monitor the movement of cash, especially where large amounts are involved. To project your future cash flow, revenue, and expenses, you need to look at how your business is performing financially when compared to past financial statements. Once you are aware of these aspects, you can start making financial decisions from an informed point of view.

Hire Professionals

hire professional - small business expenses

If you want your business to succeed, you should be willing to admit that you need help. Sometimes, you will need expert services such as bookkeeping services to manage your finances. Make sure that you hire people from reputable companies. Their expertise will go a long way toward guiding you and giving you peace of mind.

Although running your own business can be exhilarating, handling finances can be quite nerve-wracking. You should not let your startup suffer due to poor management of money; follow these tips for good financial management.