Can a Business Grow From Giving Away Free Stuff?

free gift

On paper, the last thing that any business wants to do is give away stuff for nothing. In the modern age, many companies have identified that there are many benefits to being generous, from the consumer’s perspective.

Everyone loves something for nothing. From a free casino deposit bonus to samples of your favorite soda, online betting sites and supermarkets alike have benefited from providing customers with a little taste, gratis. The word “free” does funny things to the human mind, and can really catch the attention of many consumers.

“Free” draws attention

One of the most important things in commerce is to draw attention to your products. If customers are unaware of how great your solution, item, or service is, then they will not be parting with their cash. By providing a free product, you can let customers know about what you have to offer once you have their attention.

Customers will also be more likely to consider purchasing a product once they have sampled it first. Even if the “free gift” you offer is not entirely related to what you are trying to sell, this marketing method can be an excellent way to introduce new faces to your range of products.

It can boost traffic

In terms of further drawing attention to your brand via your website and store, hosting competitions or giveaways is a great way to go. Many companies understand that keeping customers coming back day after day is hard to do, but there are certain methods you can use to hook them in.

The potential to drive traffic to your site through social media interactions is one proven way to do this. Holding a competition where players will have to visit the site every day for a week, for example, should see traffic skyrocket. Even providing a small free gift for the first 1,000 customers to sign up for your newsletter can potentially be huge for your business in the long term.

It can lead to purchases

Video games stores often have at least one console or entertainment system set-up to be played by customers in-store. The reason for this is that it gives potential buyers a chance to sample the game before they part with their cash. Perhaps, more importantly, it also gives browsers an opportunity to the console itself.

Bars often run promotions where a brewery will provide free samples of its beer to customers who are only happy to try it out. Even if this is not their go-to drink, many can be converted this way.

Speaking of bars, have you ever wondered why those extra salty or spicy peanuts are provided to paying customers? The logic behind this is that the salt and spice can really dry out the mouth, making for additional purchases of drinks. The oldest trick in the book, maybe, but one which still works as we are only human after all.

Everyone loves free stuff. Just like those nuts at the bar, free stuff can often be hard to refuse, even if customers are aware that they will pay for it afterward.