What Makes Your Website User-Friendly?

user-friendly website

User-friendly is the art of making your website simple and easy to use. Most of the companies design their websites by understanding customer’s needs that give us insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Some of the fundamental, proven usability tips include proper use of taglines, intuitive navigation, concise content, and strategic use of visuals.

Most of the companies have a step in their project flow specifically designed to detect and eliminate potential usability issues. This is called prototyping. The exclusive focus is on content structure, flow, and functionality.

A User Wants Trust

To make online business, trustworthy for customers. A standard security protocol is needed which enables encrypted data between web server and web browser. A Comodo SSL certificate is the quickest and most cost-effective for an online business which protects customer’s transaction with strong encryption. It gives the highest form of security level. It protects the data transmission with full 128/256 bit encryption. Comodo SSL certificate gives highest possible levels of security for the online user.

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Mobile Friendly

The mobile user is almost double from the last decade. It is estimated that world mobile phone user will reach 4.9 billion by the end of this year. The world smartphone user, reach 2.5 billion in the next coming years. Making your website responsive, helps your site to reach the mobile audience through a single website.

Reduce Clutter

Make it easy for the visitors to find what they are looking for sitemap will help the designer to create less clutter website. This will helps the customer to find where the products are stored and how it will be accessed carefully. Choose what elements should be added to the homepage.

Social Media Marketing

It is a great platform to promote our products. It is becoming more popular among youngsters where you can grab their attention. While using social media as a marketing tool, allow the customer to post comments and products reviews.

Web Navigation

Web navigation is the process of navigating a network of information resources in the World Wide Web. Web navigation is the foundation for designing a website. It enables the webpage visitors to explore and discover different products on the website.

Loading Time

Most of the visitors won’t continue if the website takes a long time to load and it will be difficult to retain visitors. Loading time is the most important element to be considered while creating a user-friendly website.


Today, most of the visitor will scan the content. They don’t spend much time to read the full content. In order to grab visitors attention use contrasting and attractive colors for the text of your website. To make easier for the visitors to read the content use bulleted list, attractive headlines and avoid long paragraph.

Well Planned Data Architecture

Presenting organized data on your website play vital role for good usability .plan your website to keep data in sections and category which makes the user find out data’s easily.

Well-Formatted Content

Well-formatted content that is easy to scan. Most of the internet user just skim through the content on a web page instead of reading each and every word from top to bottom. So use attractive keywords.

Here are some of the aspects to be considered:

  1. Search feature
  2. Custom 404 page not found
  3. Informative header and footer

Good handling

  1. Use correct validation
  2. Use correct labels for all fields
  3. Offer tooltips
  4. Accessible to all user

Placing Your Logo

Keep your web site logo visible to the visitor. It is better to keep the logo on the top left corner. The logo should be used as a direct link to the homepage so that the visitors can return to the main page wherever they are on the site.

Search Option

In order to make the visitor feel comfortable while searching content keeps the search bar on the top right of the website.

Use Photos and Images

Choose the photos which are highly qualified and related to the content of the page. Try to avoid generic photos which may be used on another website too.

Contact Information

Place your email address, phone number in the footer so that it can be seen on every page. Add a contact form to your website for the customer to fill name, email address and some of the basic information about the user.

Online Orders

Most of the people prefer online shopping. People don’t like to go to the store and spend hours on purchasing. Today online shopping made easy for women, men’s and children. Many products like stationary products, leather products more and more items can be purchased online. Many online shopping websites provide full e-commerce capabilities, so people can directly place the order on the website. It gives satisfaction to the customers to choose a variety of products through online shopping.

Wrap up

These are the most important things that one should concentrate on while designing a user-friendly website. In case if you have already added the above-mentioned points to your points, you would definitely see a great improvement in the conversion part of your website.

But, if you are still not able to find any improvement in what you do, you need to be consistent in what you do. The biggest factor that most web designers miss and most customers expect. This information would get your business on track. But never miss to let us know your success stories.