Regulated vs Unregulated Brokers – Which One You Should Choose

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Forex, also known as FX or foreign exchange, is one of the world’s biggest and most liquid decentralized markets, with a normal day-by-day exchange volume exceeding $5 trillion. In the past few years, forex trading gained notable popularity due to its opportunities and ease of access, especially using online forex broker platforms.

If you decide to become a forex trader, you have a long way to go until you reach your first victory; but knowledge, information, and logical thinking will get you there.

There are many online Forex trading brokers available for both new and experienced investors, so it is essential for each to find the one that meets their unique investment needs. Nowadays, there are websites that offer filtered comparisons for all the top-rated brokers in the market. From here, users can research each broker’s features and regulations to ensure they’re getting into a reliable trading platform.

For example, Forex trading with TopBrokers is making the job of finding the best Forex brokers in the market easier, as it can save investors countless hours of research. Ultimately, these websites aim to simplify the process of finding a forex broker that meets the needs of every investor.

The online broker you choose is the first and most important step towards this journey. That’s why it is crucial to pick the right one. Here are a few things you need to look for in an online broker.

Regulated vs. unregulated brokers

Why is it so important for an online broker to be financially regulated by one or more regulatory bodies? Because we are talking about the safety of your capital, the money you invest, and the promise of the broker to use your funds solely for the right purpose.

When a broker is unregulated, this means that there is no regulatory organization or group of persons monitoring them. In other words, they can take your money and disappear. This is the reason why you see lists of online brokers described as scams or frauds. The first thing you need to do while checking out online brokers is to verify whether they are regulated or not. Their transparency and the amount of legal documentation they put at your disposal is a sign of professionalism and a feature that any legit online broker should have.

While there is no international organization to protect all forex traders, there are certain countries that monitor and oversee forex trading activity and the legitimacy of online forex brokers. Do some research about the regulatory agencies in your country or the ones in which the broker has its headquarters. Take your time and check in all possible ways if the online forex broker you’re about to trade with is genuinely financially regulated. The safety of your capital is the first step towards success and profit.

Only settle for the best.

While being financially regulated is crucial, equally important for your trading success are the environment, instruments, and help the online forex broker provides. Trading forex is no piece of cake because before the actual trading process takes place, you need to read and get to know the basics. Otherwise, you will not know what to choose or how to separate the good forex brokerage firms from the bad ones. Here are a few essential things you can check:

Make sure they have a trading platform that is easy to navigate and has all the required tools, advanced charts, and optimal speed. See if they provide various account types and if any of them has the features you need (like the suitable minimum deposit demands, the right spread, and leverage) and if their list of products is what you’re looking for.

In addition, check how available they are, if the accounts come with a personal account manager, if the time schedule of the customer support service is what you need, and if they have any headquarters. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail them your questions. A professional broker will always have a team of experts ready to answer.

All in all, the best online brokers know they should provide anything but the best to their traders because when traders make a profit, they make a profit. That’s why you need to settle only for the best.


In the end, the rate of success stands only in your hands, and the decisions you make belong only to you. There will always be good and bad in this world, and the forex trading market is no exception. Knowledge is power, and once you will be able to identify your needs and choose the right online forex broker for you, success and profit will eventually come.