The Calm Before The Brain Storm – How Coworking Can Supercharge Productivity

The coworking platform is a great way to incrementally grow your business. From your hot desk in Hong Kong, you can work while meeting the professionals from a diverse array of industries. More importantly, while it might seem contradictory to place a room of handsome professionals in a room to work and socialize, the fact is much work takes place during the business day for coworking professionals.

Preview any coworking website link, and you can see how working in proximity to others produces opportunities for individual work but for collaboration as well. At the same time, the coworking space is chock full of resources and events that can actually guide to increased business productivity. This mix sets the tone for providing businesses with a recipe for productivity.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which coworking can supercharge your business’s productivity.

Diverse Industry

Setting the tone for much of this productivity is having the access to the tools and people that grease the wheels of work. In fact, one could argue your coworking space in Kowloon or Central District is a marketplace within a marketplace where professionals can engage in a barter and trade system that allows them to benefit from referrals and a reduction in the cost of goods and services. Businesses looking for information on any topic have an encyclopedia of resources from which to choose.

Team Building

Another source of inspiration that fuels productivity is through the collaboration. It is so much easier to get motivated to work when working with others. As a part of a collaboration or if you are just feeling out possible partners, work with others in the space. The hot desk within the coworking space can be the right place to build relationships for this type of productivity. From here, working groups and scoping out the expertise of others is one way to stay motivated while working in the space.

Community Breaks

The coworking community is rife with opportunities to break from work. With many of the spaces providing designated space to take a break, a few minutes away from your desk can be a simple way to recharge. In addition, consider participating in the events held by the coworking community. Again, breaks from work can reduce the monotony associated with consistent work.

Alternate Your Schedule

Another way to promote productivity in the workspace is to alternate your schedule so that some of your workdays is devoted to lighter tasks. For example, designate two days for simply drumming up business, whether this means spending a few hours in the workspace networking or spending time on your social media account promoting your business. The other days of the week can be devoted toward “heavy” work related to your business. In this way, you give yourself a rest and return to work ready to be productive.

Coworking Holidays

Another way to get your productivity in gear is to go on a coworking holiday. Essentially, companies organize working holidays for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees that allow them to enjoy leisure while connecting with colleagues back at the office. These coworking offices are all over Asia, and they help supercharge productivity in professionals in running their work. During the day, you work among other professionals much like you would in the normal office, and during your downtime, take advantage of tours and outings to fill up your downtime. In essence, these coworking holidays give employees a change of scenery while also preparing them for work in the space.

Supercharging Your Workday

The coworking space can break up the monotony that stifles productivity simply because there is always change. However, much of productivity relates to being motivated to work. For productivity to happen, professionals need to rest between working.

Dragan Sutevski

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