Tips On How To Make The Most From Outdoor Signs For Your Business

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A first impression that is lasting from your outdoor signage could make a difference between making that sale and securing a long-term client or missing yet another opportunity. Outdoor signage is usually the first impression that is made about a company’s purpose and mission which reaches out to a significant amount of potential customers or clients. This is why it is so important to approach any outdoor signage investment with the utmost care.

When you plan, design and install customized outdoor signs, you can use this helpful guide along with these tips to ensure you make the correct choices when it comes to your company type, your goals, and your location.

1. Corporate Branding

The main goal for outdoor signs usually involves boosting your branding, and signage is usually a crucial element when it comes to all types of brand promotion strategies. Displaying the logo of your company in a public location will maximize the exposure of your brand, and at the same time, it serves a primary function of identifying office and retail facilities and to direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Your logo needs to be treated with respect in association to placement, sizing, colors, and materials to maintain their overall value as well as a way to reinforce the public image of your company in a positive way. The type of material to use is normally the first consideration to make when choosing a sign, with a range of options available from dibond to alumalite.

When you choose customized outdoor signage, it becomes important to know about the different available options.

2. Free-Standing Signs

The free-standing signs are the signs which are not attached or affixed to walls. These include pole and pylon signs, monument signs and the panel/post signs.

Monument Signs

The monument signs are a type of freestanding sign which stands at ground level. This sign usually includes a stone base or brick structure that supports a sign cabinet. These signs can be used for marking an entrance to your location or to identify a significant place. Churches and schools frequently use the monument signs to identify the institution. These signs are also useful as a type of electronic message center which keeps potential customers informed about an upcoming sale or event.

Pole And Pylon Signs

The pole and pylon signs are one of the effective techniques to raise your brand or logo above your local competition. This is a type of monolithic styling which is used to identify a site, give information or directions. The pylon signs offer high visibility along with making bold statements. This sign is useful if your business has highway frontage and for a large company like a retail shopping center or a car dealership.

Panel/Post Signs

If you are looking for a way to establish a prominent commercial marker, then a panel or post sign may be your best option. These signs offer a high-impact and clear impression that will attract the right attention even from a far distance. There are man different styles and types to choose from:

The flat panel which mounts between 2 poles is called a Post and Panel Sign. This is a freestanding marker and fall under the category of monument signs. When you choose the Post and Panel system, your primary consideration is the materials used. The main materials include wood, PVC, wrought iron, aluminum or sign foam.

Each material offers unique qualities. For example, PVC and sign foam is ideal for standing up to outdoor elements such as rain, sunshine, and wind. When timeless elegance is the appeal you are after for your business, then wrought iron or wood is an excellent choice. Allow the desired visual-effect and basic functionality is a guide when it comes to choosing the correct materials for your needs.

Another consideration about a Post and Panel size will be the size which will be the deciding factor on what you are planning to achieve with the marker. For instance, if you would like motorists to view your signage that will direct to where the parking lot is situated, the bigger panels become necessary. Restaurants, retail stores and small businesses that are hoping to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians can also benefit from larger signage. For directional and way finding applications, the smaller versions of these signs are typically more appropriate.

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Other Options

There are a number of different ways to enhance your outdoor signs. T-straps, decorative sign-headers, post finials, base caps, iron scrolls along with other types of supplemental accessories result in a higher visual impact. The Post and Panel display that feature decorative fittings often encourage or interest onlookers to find out more about the brand, location, and message, which will attract more potential business through your doors.

Residential And Commercial Real Estate Signage

If you would like to lease out various units in a building, the vinyl cut-banners are the ideal choice, as they can be altered to display the cost, square footage or any other important information about a specific condo, apartment or office. If you are in search of tenants for either a building or home, you may want to consider posting large signs which include architectural 3D renderings on what it will eventually look like along with floor plans.

Even if you have online listing advertised, it is still important to supplement or add to your marketing efforts with effective real-estate markers. As soon as potential buyers are able to see real-estate signs in vibrant colors, they may have landed on the home they have been looking for.

3. Wall Mounted Signs

Outdoor signs attached to a building is in most cases the first thing a customer will see about a business. Investing in superior quality outdoors signs from Atlantic Sign Company for your building helps to establish the identity of the business along with the brand. The more popular wall mounted signs include fabricated or flat metal signs, 3-D letters, light boxes, and illuminated channel-letters.

Channel Letter Signage

These are perhaps one of the most sought after wall-mounted outdoor signs. They are commonly seen in strip malls, retail shopping malls, industrial and commercial office buildings, downtown storefronts and more. The lighted letters, which also go by the name of Illuminated Channel Letters are regarded as the more economical and effective signs types available on the market today.