Entrepreneurial Challenge: Can Startups Still Succeed?


If you’re tired of working in an office and you’ve got a strong sense of entrepreneurship, then you may have thought about starting your own business – startup. However, you may have also been dissuaded by the fact that pretty much everyone else has had the same idea and are probably farther along in making their dream into reality than you.

This means that the startup scene is going to be quite crowded, even if you’re providing a niche service or product.  A crowded field, of course, means more competitors, and more competitors mean a tougher time in capturing your target market.

Does this mean that you should give up your dream and resign yourself to a life in the wage cage? Certainly not. Startups can still succeed, even in these hyper-competitive times. In fact, we can argue that there’s no better time than right now, in 2019, to get your startup established and operational.

Here are some very pertinent reasons as to why we believe that’s the case.

All the resources you need to start a company is within affordable and easy reach.

Starting a company used to involve a lot of capital and access to certain resources that were only exclusive to big players and enterprises. Nowadays, even the smallest startups can get everything they need without breaking their bank or having an extensive network of contacts. International health insurance for you and your employees, for example, can easily be procured from much reputable insurance provider, such as Now Health International. Everything from IT infrastructure, software, technology, and even employees can also be outsourced quickly and affordably.

Information and knowledge key to business growth and success is freely available.

Getting a business started also used to be a complicated and confusing affair, especially for newcomers and those not formally educated in business and startups. However, thanks to the internet, we can now freely access all sorts of information, not only the kind that pertains to starting up a business but also in the successful running of one. Examples of the latter include cautionary tales from failed business or blowouts, how to streamline certain product or service processes for specific industries, etc. All this information can be looked up online and essentially for free.

Technology has become so advanced that expensive technology has become easily accessible.

Technology is an important resource for all businesses and startups, no matter the industry they’re from. In the early days, such technology used to be exclusive only to the most moneyed of business owners. Nowadays, technology has become so advanced that essential technology has become more affordable even to consumers, as well as scaled-down or even made portable. One great example of this is 3D printing technology—a technology that used to be exclusive only to enterprises but is now accessible to even the most frugal of hobbyists.

International product marketing can be done quickly and for free thanks to social media.

The boom of social media has allowed us to connect more easily with other people from all over the world, and it has also made international product marketing a trivial and low-cost affair. Sure, print and TV ads still work, but if you really want to make an impact nowadays while also saving a lot on advertising costs, all you need to do is push your product or service in a popular social media network, such as Instagram or Facebook. This pushes your business into the public spotlight quickly and cost-effectively, while also allowing you a worldwide reach. This would not have been possible a decade or so ago.


It may seem daunting or even challenging to even think of starting up a new company from scratch, seeing as competitors for every field seem to be popping up from the woodwork. Despite this, it’s undeniable that the potential entrepreneur is now more empowered to start up their own business like never before.

Everything from information to resources, manpower, and advertising are all within easy reach, with some of them available completely free of charge. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity, a lot of research, and the financial savvy necessary to break away from the relative safety of a salaried position.