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From Conception to Product: Cheat Sheet to Building and Selling Your Cool Invention


Have you built a better mousetrap? Are you sitting on a solution that everyone will want but don’t even yet know they need? Or do you tinker for fun and what to bring some of your gadgets to market?

There’s never been an easier time for taking an idea from concept to product. The number of resources offered by the internet is far beyond what inventors from any other time could have hoped for.

However, as helpful as it can seem, that same amount of information can be overwhelming. The web is full of people ready to help themselves to your idea in the name of assistance.

Keep reading if you have an idea and want to know how to get your invention built.

Develop Your Idea

You’ve done it: You’ve found that one product that seems so obvious in hindsight, you can’t believe it hasn’t be done. You just know that people will trip over themselves to buy your idea once they know about it.

But will they? Are you sure someone else hasn’t attempted it before?

Coming up with an idea is only the first step. You need to develop it into a feasible product for others to see it’s value. Research the market you’re looking into and compare your idea with existing products.

If you still think you have a one-of-a-kind idea, get a patent. Working with a patent lawyer not only protects your intellectual property but will also help ensure that you’re not infringing on somebody else’s plans.

Build Your Prototype

A proof-of-concept is the best way to test your idea. Having a working, physical product is also the best way to demonstrate your concept.

3D printers are a powerful tool when it comes to building a prototype. Whether you’re printing out components or a full product, it’s endless the solutions a 3D printer can provide you.

You’re not lost if you don’t have access to one, though. Grab a glue-gun or a drill or whatever else you need to piece your plan together. It doesn’t have to be pretty as long as it works.

Find a Manufacturer

Once you’re satisfied that you have something that works, you need to find a company that will build you your cool gadget.

Searching the internet will provide plenty of options. Make sure to research your choice diligently. The quality of their work will directly affect your brand. Search for reviews to help make your decision.

Choose Your Store

Finding a place to sell your product is easy. Whether you use a larger platform’s marketplace or build your own site, the internet makes it easy to run a business.

Marketing will quickly become a priority. No matter how good your idea is, the internet is a crowded marketplace/. You have to cut through the noise and get noticed if you hope to succeed.

Research your audience, find where they are, and let them see the amazing promise of your new idea.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Your Invention Built

Knowing how to get your invention built empowers you to make the most of your creativity. If you can turn one concept into a product, you can do it again and again.

Visit the Startup section of our site for more ideas on getting yourself going.

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