5 Essential Morning Rituals for Productive Morning

productive morning routine

According to top productivity experts, having a productive morning routine involves both physical and mental aspects of an individual, but in the end, the day’s results are usually impressive.

Due to the following reason, we would want to show you a step by step routine of how to be productive in the morning, just the way a charcoal grill can be useful during an outdoor party.

1. The Productive Meditation Morning Routine

Meditation is ranked among the most efficient, productive morning routines by experts. It is well known for allowing an individual to focus on their mental routine aspects hence enabling them to make better decisions with a calm mind throughout the day.

Scientifically, meditation not only sharpens your mental ability, but it also increases the thickness of grey matter in your brain. You might be wondering how does increased grey matter help?

For starters, meditation helps people to experience less stress in their day to day activities. More importantly, when it’s incorporated as part of the productive morning routine, it offers mental serenity and helps one to be focused as they make their decisions. Because of this, people are highly advised to incorporate meditation as part of their productive daily routine.

2. Plan Your Day as a Productive Morning Routine

One of the major reasons why people are not focused on their daily routines is that they don’t know what to do. In most cases, such individuals have a rough idea of what they want to accomplish during the day but have no solid plans on how to implement these ideas. By forgetting to plan, they end up procrastinating or even forgetting to do some activities that were in their list hence resulting in unproductivity.

If you’re clear about what you intend on doing today, you’ll be able to accomplish short-term tasks. In light of this routine, set your goals and day’s intentions every morning once you wake up. In addition to this, ensure that you’ve scheduled tasks in your calendar. So it can get you close to your goals. Having set plans, you will have the edge over the day’s focus and determination.

3. Reading Inspirational Books

Reading books has been one of the most efficient, productive morning routines. The advantage of this routine is that it doesn’t have to take long. Reading for about 20 minutes might be just the amount of time you need for the day.

Reading motivates someone to accomplish their daily routines, especially if you read something new and intend to implement it. Analyzing somebody else’s success story can also be efficient since you’ll be inspired to focus on accomplishing your day’s task.

4. Movement / Exercise as a Productive Morning Routine

The quickest way for you to make your day feel productive is by incorporating working out as part of your daily morning routine. You don’t have to work out fully, but by doing a few press-ups, burpees, and yoga, you’ll get enough blood flowing in your body. With that energetic feeling coursing through your veins, you’ll feel ready to crush the day, and that’s why it’s a recommended routine by most experts.

5. Eating a Balanced Breakfast

productive morning routine - healthy eating
The essential ingredients to have in your breakfast are fats and proteins

Eating a well-balanced breakfast is one of the keys to set a productive day for you. The key ingredients to include in your breakfast are mainly fats and proteins. The majority of people are familiar with the benefits of protein in their breakfast but are unaware of the benefits of fat.

Scientifically, your brain is comprised of 60% of fat. Therefore, it needs fats for it to think productively, solve problems with ease, and, most importantly, feel happy and at peace. Having a balanced breakfast is among the recommended routines by MyKitchenAdvisor, especially for anyone with a productive cough in the morning.


Mornings shouldn’t necessarily be rough. By having a productive morning routine once you’ve woken up, you’ll have conquered the day without a doubt. Whether you’re having a morning workout or reading an inspirational book, these small activities might give you the boost you require to face the day.

To some people, incorporating a productive morning routine might be an uphill task. Due to that, it is advised to introduce a practice that you’ll be doing every day. Once you’ve chosen the method you desire, work on it, and in time it will become part of you.

We hope you’ve learned a great deal from this article concerning how to be more productive in the morning. Finally, are you conversant with more productive morning routines? Kindly leave your comments down below.

Author Bio: Elizabeth has a keen interest in human productivity. For the past few years, he has been writing life goal articles at My Kitchen Advisor that have been featured in both local and global newspapers. Currently, she is working on his blog to keep informing people on various tips on how to be more productive in life.