Top 10 Ways Wedge Anchors Can Save Your Money on Your Next Construction Project

Construction projects are costly – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start them. It just means we have to find more creative ways to manage those costs. Wedge Anchors could be a great way for you to save money on your construction project. Here’s how.

The Top Ways Wedge Anchors Save Cash

1 – Floating Shelving

A good Wedge anchor means you don’t need the usual two-part shelving. All you need is one part (the surface) and a wedge anchor to lock it into place. Remember they are best used in concrete, so they could save you money by applying your shelving directly to your walls!

wedge anchors for construction project

2 – Securing Furniture

As well as shelving, a wedge anchor can be used to keep your furniture in place. For example, you have a TV that is bigger and wider than your shelf. Secure it with a Wedge Anchor and keep it permanently in place. This saves the cost of a new TV when the kid or the cat bumps it off the shelf!

3 – Signage

If your construction project involves signage like “keep off the grass” or similar, you will need a signpost. One of the very simplest ways to attach that sign is a wedge anchor. It saves you the cost of welding and having to have a custom sign made. Golden!

4 – They’re Scalable

If you check out some of the varieties of wedge anchors that you get, you will find they are scalable. This just means that there is a four-part Anchor Wedge for any shape and size. Have a look at some of the variations over on the Baco Enterprises page for a good example. In general, the heavier the object you need to attach, the deeper your hole and the bigger the anchor you need.

5 – Installing Fire Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems need to be secured in a thousand different places. If your construction project includes them, then you already know how much of a pain they are. We dread sprinkler system installation. However, using a wedge anchor for each protrusion takes a lot less time, and time is money in the building world.

6 –Anchor Wedges Can Be Used on Dry Concrete

If you have forgotten to install something in your concrete construction project, it can cost a fortune to undo. However, things like sill plates can be attached using anchor wedges once the concrete is dry. This saves you a whole bucketload of energy as well as the costs of re-doing your work…

7 – They are Weatherproof

Looking for a securing solution that can stand up to a torrential downpour or tornado alike? You can get Anchor Wedges in zinc plated for indoor use, and stainless steel for outdoor use. Things that rust quickly cost money. Don’t let it happen to you.

8 – Fix Mantles

If you are working with an old building or even a new construction project, and you need to fix mantles in place to secure doorways? Then Anchor wedges are a simple but effective option.

9 – Paintings

If you are working on a building where the paintings are likely to be stolen, then anchor wedges are a good bet. Hotels, for example, often have to bolt their pictures onto the concrete. If your construction project is a building of similar nature, then bolt away. Nobody likes an art thief.

10 – Wind Turbines

You can even use wedge anchors to secure the base of wind turbines – they are strong enough to hold fast, even in the worst of winds!

Dragan Sutevski

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