How to Come Up With A Winning Name For Your Construction Business

winning name construction business

Now, this is not a usual discussion, but I think it’s something we’ve all been waiting to talk about – especially the guys who start and run construction companies.

I am not complaining but haven’t we all noticed how boring construction business’s names are? If I’m not mistaken, owners (no offense) just take their surname and add the word “construction” at the end and voila! They’ve got themselves a business name.

Your surname is unique and beautiful and I know that you would love for the world to hear and say it whenever they talk about your company. I can get the reason why you would want them to do that. Your business is your pride and joy; you’ve put a lot of effort into making it happen. The least you can do for yourself is to give your name the recognition it deserves (read more).

But, really? “Jones Construction” is the best you can come up with?

Excuse me to all the Jones’s out there!

What I’m trying to say is that simply putting two and two together will not create much of an impact to your market. It’s vague, bland, (honestly) uncreative, and boring. It’s not something that will be embedded into people’s memories forever.

For one, it’s because using such a bland name for your business risks comparison to other businesses of the exact same name. There can be a Jones’s Ice Cream Shop or Jones’s Fish and Tackle Store out there that when someone asks “Have you heard about Jones’s?” People can easily get the wrong idea.

Do you mean the person, the ice cream shop, fish and tackle store, or the construction firm?

I’m telling you. A generic and unappealing name gives a dangerously low impact and it’s best that you refrain from using it.

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The Right Way To Name Your Business

I’m not saying that this is the only right way to name your construction firm, but I am about to suggest something better – something that is more likely to create waves in the industry’s market.

In order to create an engaging and impactful business name, you have to meet three requirements:

  1. It should not be generic.
  2. It should be catchy.
  3. It should not be overcomplicated.

Generic Spells Doom For Your Business

If you’re going to name your business with a very generic and overused term, then you might as well literally name your company “Doom” because we all know where your branding efforts are going – just kidding! While in recent years simpler terms or generic phrases are seen to be aesthetically pleasing like naming a bar “The Bar” or a night club “The Club”, I wouldn’t say the same gimmick can be applied to construction websites or companies.

You can’t just say “The Construction Firm” and think that bags the deal for you. It feels funny just writing that down to be honest.

Try to summon your creative genius. If you can’t there are always websites that can provide you with naming solutions for your business like The thing is you have to be original and interesting in one glance.

And since you’re a construction firm, something silly might not cut it as well since you have to establish an air of sophistication and sincerity with your market.

Catchy Is Good

Single-word names are often best. But you shouldn’t just pick out any old random word. If you’re familiar with word plays, you should think about doing it to come up with your business name.

Morph words together, create unique alterations to a seemingly boring word that would still give relevance to your business. You have to try to find a catchy term that’s easy to read and speak.

Overcomplicating The Name Is No Fun

No one wants to do business with “Hammer, Nails, and Cement Construction and Development Firm”or any other business with a similarly long and overcomplicated name. For one, it’s very difficult to remember let alone pronounce. Two, just saying the whole thing is a complete waste of time. It won’t look well in your marketing posters either.

Stick with one or two words for your business name. Make it easy to read but impossible to forget.