5 Items That Are Challenging To Be Part of Moving

moving items

Moving is definitely not for sissies. Bending down to lift heavy boxes, carrying couches, and lugging mattresses is strenuous work. After a move, you are stuck with sore muscles and it feels like your entire body is aching. Moving is a workout in itself and being able to relax with a cold beverage afterwards is a welcome thought.

Apart from household pieces and cardboard boxes filled with various types of items, there are certain possessions that are tricky to move, close to impossible. Moving them often necessitate specialized skills and preparing and are usually best to move using professional movers. Here is a list of five items that are challenging to move to a new place.

A Fish Tank And Fish Moving

If you have a fish tank filled with fish, moving it is not easy. Various aquarium experts recommend selling or giving your fish away. This way, your fish will not have to endure a long distance, unless you’re moving to a place that is not far away, then a plan can be made. When you move an aquarium, you have to drain most of the fish tank but retain some of the water so that you maintain bacteria for reassembling and refilling the aquarium at the new home. For moving plants, transfer some of the tank water into a bag and keep the plants in it. Make sure the filter is stored in a chemical-free container and it’s recommended to move both the fish and the fish tank in a car, instead of the truck of your movers in Salt Lake City.


Plants can be finicky, and a move can traumatize plants, therefore moving them must be planned carefully. If the plants are growing in ceramic containers, transfer them to plastic planters’ weeks before moving. Plastic containers are not as heavy and are easier to move. This way you can pack your ceramic pots so that they do not get damaged during transit. The plants must acclimatize to the plastic containers well before moving day. Plants must also be kept in a temperature-controlled milieu, therefore placing them in a truck for a long distance is not recommended. Rather move your plants in your vehicle.

Pianos Moving

Grand pianos are incredibly heavy and if they are damaged it could be very costly to repair them. Not to mention they are oddly shaped and tricky to get into a new house. Many individuals merely opt for a specialized service to take care of this headache. Piano movers have special equipment for hoisting a piano through a window, for instance, or they utilize a specialized piano dolly.


Moving artwork is challenging because some of them are priceless and have sentimental value. Each artwork piece must be wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap and cardboard pieces must be taped to each side. A selection of wrapped frames can then be placed into a box for easier manoeuvring. For sculptures, it is best to find boxes that are at least one-third large than the artwork pieces. Each sculpture must be wrapped carefully in newspaper or bubble wrap and stuffing must be packed with it inside the boxes to offer protection.


The main issue with TVs is that they are heavy and somewhat large, and the monitors are prone to damages. It can be complicated to decide if it would be best to wrap it in a blanket and carry it or is it best to place it inside a cardboard box. Both methods can work. If you are opting for wrapping it in a blanket, make sure the TV is unplugged and all the cabling detached. Place our TV on top of a spread-out blanket and then wrap it around the TV. Secure it with packaging tape to keep it in place. If you still have the original box with polystyrene inserts, this is generally the most suitable method of packing and moving it. For plasma TVs, never place it with the screen facing downwards on the floor since it can cause damage to the unit.