8 Digital Marketing Ideas To Get You More Leads

8 Digital Marketing Ideas

There are so many new and inventive ways to market your business, find more customers, and create more leads. In this digital age, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Is your content already SEO-ready with top sharing content, but the customers aren’t flocking in? Then keep reading to see 8 of the best digital marketing ideas to market your business and catch the attention of new customers.

1 – Location, location, location.

This is one of the oldest digital marketing ideas from the book, but a carefully selected location for a poster can do a world of good for you and your business. Get creative with the locations – your audience isn’t just waiting at the bus stop anymore.

To get the customers both coming and going, use technology like beacons and geofencing – when your customers are close by, they’ll receive a notification about your place. Entice them in with a discount or offer, or let them know something interesting about you – the opportunities are endless.

Whether you know your customers or are pushing new customers towards you, location is everything.

2 – Rewards

With this digital marketing idea, you will increase customer interaction. Everyone likes a treat, and using rewards or prizes is a smart way to generate more leads and increase customer interaction with your brand. For example, an Instagram competition, where customers need to tag three other people, is a great way to reach a wider audience in an effective way. This is also a simple referral program – the three friends tagged are now aware of your product and are potential new customers. Top tip – make sure the prize is desirable but related to your brand still – your voice and ideals should be seen throughout all your marketing choices.

To ensure these coupons can be redeemed digitally, create QR Codes with your brand’s logo to create a seamless offline to the online experience.

Instagram is a hotbed of opportunity for you. A photo contest is super easy to organize, and with very little effort required from your customers too – yet this could have the potential to go viral, to be seen by multiple and varied audiences, and to increase your marketing images stockpile (with permission from the original poster of course).

A loyalty program is another tried and true marketing option. Make it more attractive for customers to come to you instead of your competition because you offer points per purchase or another incentive. Top tip – enter the digital age with an app instead of loyalty stamp cards and do your bit to save the planet.

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3 – Behind the mask

Gone are the days of faceless businesses. Smaller businesses especially really benefit from showing their audiences exactly who they are and what they stand for. Show off the staff that has been outstanding, just like Copresco has done. Society is more conscious of where they are buying from these days, and love to celebrate with you when your staff has won awards or excelled.

4 – Paid adverts on social media

This is one of the classic digital marketing ideas. A classic for a reason, adverts are essential to target your audience. Facebook is great at targeting people who fit the age, sex, and interests criteria you desire. However, can you make the advert pop, not be annoying, and look pretty cool? Then this is another method you should use. A boring picture is not going to cut through the noise on social media, so use your creative juices and cook up something great.

5 – Make facts and figures more digestible

Fact – numbers are not for everyone. So when you need to get across figures and statistics, make them clear and paired with pictures. First Five Years has done this really well on their homepage. Their audience is aimed at parents with children under the age of 5, so they need content that can be easily understood by mums and dads who at any moment might need to run or are keeping one eye on their kids while looking at their computer screen.

6 – Exit Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups are the last attempt to tell your customers about your product before they leave your page. Used correctly, with engaging content or even promo codes, and these can save up to 15% of your customers. So, you will increase your conversion rates. They differ from regular pop-up adverts and do not block essential content on your page, making them a great method to retain leads.

7 – Photo Opportunities

Everyone loves a good photo op – whether it’s a banner that people can get behind, a polaroid frame, or a throne from their favorite TV show – give the people something to remember you by. Get them to add a hashtag, judge the best picture, or just sit back and let them have fun. Once posted, their whole audience will see your chosen prop – make sure your business name is clearly written, but not too obtrusive – this makes people feel more confident in sharing online.

8 – Be community conscious

Get involved with your community both online and off. This can include anything from joining in hashtag trends on Instagram and viral movements, or helping in a local youth project. Be a voice in your community and support others.

Marketing is always adapting. You need to be ahead of the curve, current, and true to your values now more than ever before. Your marketing always needs to reflect you, especially when having prizes or contests. Following these simple steps will help you find new customers and leads, and have them coming back time and time again.