Can a Law Firm Have Multiple Areas of Expertise?

Can a Law Firm Have Multiple Areas of Expertise_

If you’re currently looking for a law firm to help with certain legal troubles, you may wonder if a single law firm can work well in multiple areas of law. Wouldn’t it be easier to work with one option, instead of multiple? Or, if they have experience in everything, they should be able to offer better, more knowledgeable help to you, right?

Yes and no. The answer can actually be very complicated. When it comes to several areas of expertise, here are some ways a law firm can handle it.

A Single Attorney Working a Single Area

If one attorney is working by themselves, chances are, they specialize in a specific area. One attorney working alone can’t typically specialize in too many things, which means they become more specific. A single attorney may even become specialized enough to base their entire practice around a very specific filing or type of case that they’re extremely knowledgeable about. They may then choose to join a larger law firm or practice on their own.

A Single Attorney Working Multiple Areas

It’s possible for one attorney to have genuine prowess in multiple areas, but this can be a difficult position to maintain. There’s just no way for a single attorney to be a true expert in an array of legal areas. In this case, it’s common for the attorney’s multiple areas of expertise to really all be elements of the same area. For example, someone may advertise their help with divorce and family law, two things that tend to go together in many cases.

Multiple Attorneys Working Multiple Areas

When you see a law firm, you typically think of multiple attorneys. That is usually what a law firm entails. In some law firms, these multiple attorneys may have vastly different areas of expertise. As such, one attorney may be great at family law, while another is great at bankruptcy. In this way, a single law firm can offer a variety of skills for different clients. If you establish a great relationship with a specific law firm, you may want to go back for cases in different areas of expertise.

Multiple Attorneys Working Different Elements of the Same Area

It’s also common to see law firms that concentrate on one type of case but have different attorneys that help with different elements of that case type. Bohn & Fletcher, LLP focuses exclusively on personal injury, but different attorneys may have different approaches to cases or knowledge about certain elements of cases. Although the law firm specializes exclusively in personal injury law, it’s still relying on each attorney’s personal knowledge and experiences to help you win your case.


As you can see, different law firms can handle expertise in different manners. It’s all about how a law firm chooses to represent itself. If you’re looking for a law firm, you definitely want to use a law firm that utilizes attorneys knowledgeable in your area of expertise. However, it’s also important that you get along with your attorney. Talking to the attorney before you hire them is the best choice you can make.