Not Using Neon Signs to Advertise Your Business? Here’s why you are Missing Out

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you already know that one of the most crucial elements of your business marketing is a sign. At its most rudimentary level, a neon open sign will guide customers into your business premises.

More importantly, it also helps you create a good first impression, landmarks your business, acts as a magnet for customers which means increased sales and profits, promotes brand recognition, and relays important messages that you want to communicate to your customers among other things.

Here’s why you are Missing Out

To make your sign as effective as possible, it should be bright, neat, and in perfect condition. This gives potential customers the impression that you maintain high standards of operation. When you have a broken, smudged, or old sign, you are sending the wrong signals right from the start. If you haven’t seized this opportunity yet, you are missing out big time. Here is how.

Highly Efficient

One of the leading concerns that business owners have when it comes to advertising with signage is efficiency and cost. Businesses want solutions that will give them the greatest rate of returns while using reasonably minimum investment. Neon light produces light energy anytime gas interacts with electricity. This should is against fluorescent lights that dissipate a minimum of the entire light they produce as heat. This is sure to add to your cost in the form of increased electricity bills.

Also, neon is no.5 in terms of the most abundant elements on Earth. Because of this abundance, neon is one of the most affordable elements.

Wide operating range

Apart from being highly durable, neon signs also boast an impressive record when it comes to tolerance for burnouts and power surges. Also, they are flexible when you consider the voltage they use and the power source. The reason for this is that neon signs don’t have filament in them.

They have electrodes in place of filaments that don’t heat up unlike the latter. The fact neon signs do not heat means there is no chance that lights can blow up as a result of excessive voltage. 

At Green Light Innovations, we are much more than simply circuits and wires. Our qualified neon sign engineers will repair, maintain, and repair all kinds of neon signs and lights. Just hit us up on phone and we’ll fix your neon signs problems. 

They are Great at Night

Neon signs have since they were first showcased in Paris in 1910, been used as the primary method of advertising brands and businesses. They have more functionality for businesses that operate at night since the light tends to be more amazing at this time. Through the use of neon lights, customers won’t just find you but they are likely to have a longer memory of your establishment. This is because of neon open sign displays on your storefront 24 hours 365 days. This repeated exposure also increases your brand awareness.

Their visibility aside, neon lights also allow you to use your creativity to the maximum. You are free to create any design you want and tailor it specifically to your business. There are also a lot of bright colors for you to choose from.


It’s not just the amazing appearance of neon signs that makes them a top choice for business owners looking to advertise on their signage. It’s a safer and more efficient option especially if you compare it to traditional glass neon signs. They are made of much stronger and lighter material compared to glass. Also, if it breaks down, it won’t shatter like glass into small pieces. 

They are also designed using acrylic neon tubing which makes them more robust. Another thing is that neon LED signs tend to be safer to touch which is in stark comparison to traditional neon lighting. Provided you pack the sign properly, there is no worry that it will break down when being transported. It’s not like when you have glass to transport, in which breakage is a real possibility.

Neon Signs are more Cost-Effective

Neon signs also require fewer expenses to run and maintain. They offer 80% less running cost when compared to traditional neon. And with the invention of thermally managed LEDs, you can expect your faux neon to run like clockwork. Therefore, it is an ideal advertisement option for low-budget businesses. 

The NP Tube is the cheapest LED neon product. These tubes not only make an impact individually but also in groups. They let you incorporate animated effects when in a single tube or collectively. It offers the most cost-effective way to provide light and advertise your brands.

You Are Missing Out On Attracting Customers

The use of neon signs to advertise brands and businesses dates back to more than 100 years ago. Although the invention of LED lights provided a temporary setback to this age-old advertising technology, it soon bounced back and is now more popular than ever. One of the reasons for its popularity has to do with the way it is so effective at attracting customers.

A simple neon open sign at your premise can be made out from a great distance. A customer can easily see that you are operating or not without necessarily coming to your premise to inquire physically or to read other signs.

Also, because these signs have been around for the longest time, consumers have come to associate them with attractive lights. They will pay attention to these signs which means your message is guaranteed to be seen. 


There are so many benefits of neon signs for business signage that if you haven’t tapped on them, you are losing out. For instance, they are very good at attracting customers, they are durable, much safer, and are generally more cost-effective than most advertising methods. More importantly, they are great when used at night because of their light. It’s hard to not notice a neon open sign at night, which is excellent at creating awareness around your brand. It’s no wonder that since they were invented more than 100 years ago, business owners have still stuck to neon signs like a leach.

Dragan Sutevski

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