5 Unconventional Ways to Invest and Make Money

During these uncertain times, many of us are stuck working from home or feel lost without a steady job to report to every day. Covid-19 lockdowns and a retraction of the economic freedoms that we typically enjoy have driven many investors and those without previous experience in the stock market in order to begin looking for new and interesting ways to create wealth.

1. Dip your toe into the stock market to learn the ropes.

The stock market is a learner’s paradise. Understanding the way markets work and how commodities react to price shocks or regional and national news is something that all investors need to learn. Engaging with your broker in order to buy and sell tiny pieces of companies on the stock market will teach you the skills required to succeed here and in markets beyond. Many brokers don’t have a minimum investment requirement so you can get started trading with as much or as little as you are comfortable with investing.

2. Work to build an online business.

The digital space is a lucrative opportunity for anyone with a flair for strategy and forward-thinking. Starting a blog or working to build an ecommerce site that sells your handicrafts is a great way to build a platform for netting digital advertising revenue and possibly even direct sales, too. Digital space acts like a billboard for online traffic so the higher your viewership the more lucrative the online platform becomes.

Similarly, an alternative investing idea that sees an investor buy IP addresses is something that more and more wealth producers are wading into. The value of a digital space includes both its IPv4 address location and its content at the IP space. Buying and selling IP addresses then has become somewhat of a niche marketplace for alternative investment opportunities that many buyers are seeing great returns on. Check out Yieldstreet complaints and reviews for a clearer picture of the alternative investing platforms and funds out there to take advantage of

3. Buy physical advertising space instead.

Just like online, advertising space in the physical world is a valuable commodity. There are more than 227 million licensed drivers in the United States and each commutes passed dozens or hundreds of billboards, roadway signs, and buildings that have made use of siding or roof space for ad sales. The same basic principles apply here, the more traffic exposure to your site of advertising, the more financially valuable the space is. Buying a strategic advertising space along a major roadway in your community can give you the ability to bring in largely work-free advertising revenue. The best part is that you can physically see your moneymaker in action any time you are traveling past it!

4. Invest in real estate holdings.

Real estate is a major winner in the investment portfolios of some of the nation’s biggest earners and financial institutions. While the stock market provides an easily accessible commodity market, its potential for rapid growth is somewhat stunted by the plethora of competition and constantly shifting sands of the marketplace.

Real estate, by contrast, is marked by long term agreements or immediate reselling. Admittedly, the purchase of investment opportunities in this asset class takes more work to enjoy success but provides a greater projection of stability in successive short term snapshots. In short, the stock market is an incredible long-term growth engine, whereas real estate provides the opportunity for explosive return on investment today.

5. Consider selling your life insurance policy for startup funding.

Many life insurance policyholders will eventually find themselves asking “what is a viatical settlement?” Millions of Americans carry life insurance to protect their families from unexpected tragedies, but sadly the vast majority of policies aren’t paid out due to a lapse in monthly payments or obscure mitigating circumstances that the insurance company works exceedingly hard to find or fabricate after a claim is filed.

Instead of waiting to fight with your insurance company over the policy, a viatical settlement allows you to sell the policy to a third party who will give you a lump sum payout and purchase the rights to the benefits you would eventually claim. They will continue to pay the premiums so that you can walk away with guaranteed cash to fund your next venture — or adventure.

Dragan Sutevski

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