What Is Data Integrity and Why Does It Matter?

What Is Data Integrity and Why Does It Matter

If you run a business, or even pay attention to the economy papers today, you’ve probably come across the term “data integrity.” What is data integrity?

It’s oftentimes a misunderstood term, but we’re here to help you understand exactly what it is and why it’s important to keep in mind. 

What is Data Integrity?

It is, in the easiest terms possible, the correctness of your data. Believe it or not, data isn’t as black and white as people think, and a business’s data can be wrong in different ways or in different places. 

There are actually different kinds of data integrity issues. There are physical issues, which deal with the accuracy of data as it is being stored or pulled. Even though it’s considered a physical issue, this can be digital data storage. For example, if you have a system that can only keep two decimal places, and your data has six places after the decimal, then there’s potential for things to go wrong.

There are also other types of data integrity issues, such as domain integrity, entity integrity, and logical integrity. You don’t necessarily need to know everything about every issue, but it’s important to know that it is real and can have lasting impacts on your company.

Data Integrity and Data Security Are Different

Data integrity and data security are used interchangeably by some people, but they are not the same. It is strictly about the accuracy of the data, which can result in security problems, but it’s not data security.

Data security is about how safeguarded your data is, and it’s important to pay attention to the two together. Keeping your data correct and safe go hand in hand.

How to Keep It Great

There are plenty of ways you can protect the integrity of your data. Large companies that have the budget to do everything in-house typically choose to do just that. However, this doesn’t work for the majority of companies.

Hiring someone to keep up with your data typically comes at a high cost. These workers generally have master’s degrees, and they expect to be paid well. You’ll also have to add them into a department or create a job space for them specifically, and neither of these options is doable for everyone.

Outsourcing these jobs is the better route for most companies. GlobalVision is a great company that can protect the integrity of your data for you, and it’s an easy group to work with. You can also get quality protection for your data as well.

Make It Non-Negotiable

So, what is data integrity? You should now know what data integrity is and how it can affect your company. These issues can cause major problems in your company, including costly fines that can lead to your company going under. Lesser issues look like bad results from marketing campaigns or even low customer satisfaction. Don’t wait to make your data integrity a priority—start today.