What Is An Action Refund Review

You’ve been defrauded by a scam broker. What will you do? In this Action Refund Review – we’ll explain everything.

A study that was done by ‘Scamwatch,’ with the help of the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission), suggests that so far in the year 2020 about 195,848 reports of all types of scams were submitted, with the loss of approximately $150,838,567 – this is insane!

What Is An Action Refund Review

A genuine company called ‘Action Refund’ took enough ambition to aid victims internationally upon recovering their stolen capital from various scammers of the forex market. Their team consists of skillful service agents that helped dozens of users and scam victims across the globe. Furthermore, Action Refund provides a free consultation call from a professional case analyst. We strongly suggest you contact Action Refund, ASAP.

When you’re in the midst of the chargeback filing process with a complicated case, it is very good to hold professional assistance on your side. If you’re curious to see what the company’s recovery service is all about, below is an interview with a victim scam to understand what Action Refund has done with his case:

Could you explain to us how it all began? (Action Refund Review)

At the end of 2019, I stumbled upon an advertisement in my email account, promoting the fact that Bill Gates made a side fortune through forex trading, so I thought “what the heck, I’ll give it a go” and left some of my details on this company’s site.

They assigned an account manager named “Gary Silverson.” He was polite and seemed quite an expert, promising the world and beyond with future profits. He was assured that with his guidance, my trading account could gain 10x in no time. I thought that’s probably an overestimation, however, if the FX market is open to anyone, it is very possible to raise my income and triple my investments, at least that is what he sold to me. I wanted to deposit around $750 to initiate the account and so I followed his steps. 

Gary explained about the application they use very briefly, missing out on crucial details saying to me “trust me you don’t need this information, we need more deposits.” You can say I was very naïve.

Sounds good to me…

Back then, I was making decent profits instantly. We had a few trading sessions together for two months. With time, he began to take control of the trades on my account and I followed his lead, asking nothing because I knew that he wouldn’t answer properly. A few days afterward, the agent reached me via WhatsApp about a fresh opportunity that is on the way due to the announcement of the American election. Gary proposed to me a zero-risk-plan on it so that we could raise up my gains. I confirmed it, and we actually gained some more profit.

Back then, my account stood on $5,129 in profit from my initial deposit. I wanted to request a withdrawal of $1,000 and it went smoothly back to me. I recall that I was pretty amazed. I thought to myself, “how didn’t I find this forex trading company before.” A month has passed, and I’ve reconsidered to deposit an extra $15,000. Then, I got a promotion to what the company called “Platinum Membership.”

So you claim that you had no issue taking some funds out of the trading account?

Not at all. As I mentioned, it went well at the beginning. Honestly, it seemed as if Gary was doing a great job.

I see… so you continued trading?

I discussed with him before the fact I have free time to give. However, Gary insisted, and kept saying to me, ‘Any trader should put everything to get more money,’ which I can’t believe that he told me that. However, I followed his advice once again, committing myself more and more to this cause.

To a point, I felt it’s enough and slow down to focus on other things. I felt I had to trade non-stop, even after my office hours. The trading account status held between $26,000 and $31,000 casually. After a couple of weeks, I insisted on withdrawing $15,500.

A few times, he was extremely heated and unpleasant saying I was acting like a baby, and that I do not understand the true concept of online trading. He mentioned that his position was under examination and that my trading account is sort of a test that keeps him in his broker position in his company.

I took my withdrawal requests a couple of times after our dialogues because I truly felt sad for him while ignoring almost every red flag that I’ve crossed. Gary thought this wasn’t a great idea, pushing me to continue trading as he had seen past traders leave right their real breakthrough. 

“We should trade to reach $50,000 and then withdraw whatever you want.” Then, I foolishly agreed.

Did you honestly believe in his trading strategies?

I can hardly say. It seemed as if he was pushing me to act as he wanted. And I truly thought that he’s in favor of my trading success.

However, I intended to take all my profits out when I decided to stop trading. But he would evaluate with me constantly, due to the ‘early bonuses’ that he provided me with at the beginning, “we must charge or trade more to perform the request of a withdrawal.” Although, If I could transfer an extra sum of  $18,000, then I would take out the $25,000.

It all escalated quickly from this point. I had nothing to say as I thought he was kidding. But then I over the criteria of the “Bonus agreements” of the company Gary represented, which didn’t conclude this option whatsoever. Additionally, I’ve read a sentence on the company’s official website that announced trades can withdraw if they are about to trade almost double times the desirable withdrawal request, but that number “magically” changed.

We had a very nasty conversation on the phone, Gary’s attitude to me turned very harmful. Furthermore, I kept requesting him to stop trading and withdraw my deposits or I would write a very furious letter to the company and about Gary as well. I requested to talk to Gary’s supervisors, but he was consistently avoiding speaking to me, ignoring my emails as well.

What was the point you realized you’ve been defrauded? (Action Refund Review)

I didn’t acknowledge I was defrauded. It all seemed real to me as I was trading on their platform. I’ve looked for solutions online as I read authentic reviews and testimonials. Then, I’ve stumbled upon one article that was focused on Action Refund. I was very suspicious after all the articles I’ve read about scammers online, but after I noticed that they have a free consultation call, I’ve decided to contact them.

I explained to them all that happened to me in detail for about an hour, while one of their agents listened carefully. Action Refund told me that I was defrauded and revealed to me that I was playing on a non-existing trading platform of an unregulated scam company.

Tell us about Action Refund’s strategy

Well, they said that I stored a decent sum of the faulty records with the fraudulent company and that I had all the communication with Gary plus the bonus ads that I used to receive–I’m potentially a reasonable user to submit a chargeback.

Action Refund representative explained that it’s a reverse of the transaction made with the relevant CC’s. However, due to the fact I agreed electronically on each transfer sent to the scammer and copied personal banking credentials, the bank will make a big deal out of it because it’s not like a thief purchased an iPhone with it.

Unfortunately, I confirmed these transfers on my own. My bank demanded to be 100% accurate about what happened, so it can handle my complaint. The bank’s customer satisfaction department kept raising hard questions, while I was given the right response letters accordingly.

You haven’t thought about doing the procedure on your own? And what made you pick specifically Action Refund and not one of their competitors on the market?

I tried turning to Barclays (My bank) and they said since it was an online FX trading I had no qualification for any refund. Mark at Action Refund told me that this stage is pretty common on the chargeback procedure worldwide. He estimated that my case has to be presented correctly. Because I will find myself going countless times and complaining to Barclays, with no actual solution.

Barclays will not accept my claims and never warned me about potential online fraud companies. Mark proposed to use Action Refund If I’m 100% ready for this battle for a refund.

Eventually, Mark and another service manager named Sara gave the most efficient performance with the procedure. Their attitude towards solving this case was very professional. I certainly couldn’t move anywhere if it wasn’t their efficient aid. Afterward, I’ve waited for a final resolution, but Sara was very professional as she dealt with the bank when she composed for me the correct challenge letters to the bank’s official letters. In these various challenge letters, Sara knew what she was doing every step of the way. 

Eventually, I had an official final response from Barclays. They concluded to refund my third transaction of $12,000. (I’ve invested $18,750 in total)

What was the final resolution?

After about 3 months, I safely received the funds ($12,000) that I’ve submitted to the fake trading account. The money was restored into my banking account, and I paid a small fee to Action Refund upon solving my case and sent my endless gratitude.

I highly recommend Action Refund to anyone that believes they’re being abused financially. Hopefully, this article might help people worldwide.

Action Refund Review: You think you’ve got scammed? Action Refund is here for the rescue!

Much gratitude for reading our Action Refund review so far, that means a lot to us.

We believe that Action Refund could provide the right tools and help you with a proper refund–from faulty brokerage firms like “LegacyFX” or “TitanTrade”. And, of course, recovery from regulated companies such as “UFX”, “Excentral,” and many others.
Nevertheless, feel free to give Action Refund a phone call or to check their official website – https://www.actionrefund.com/. We truly hope that this straightforward Action Refund review will answer some of your thoughts.

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