What Are The Financial Responsibilities of a Mortgage Advisor?

A mortgage is a loan made to purchase, own, or renovate real estate which will then be paid overtime with interest as agreed by both the lender and borrower. The property being acquired will serve as collateral for the loan. With the real estate market being highly competitive and with numerous options available for mortgage-seekers, it is important to have an advisor to help make the best decisions.

A trustworthy and established mortgage advisor can help make a client’s hard-earned money put into the greatest use. Through the advancement of technology, reliable and powerful AI mortgage advisors, such as Skyslope are now made available. Artificial intelligence has made its way into the real estate market by penetrating the mortgage industry. Below are some of the advantages that customers can take advantage of in having an AI-enabled mortgage advisor through Skyslope.

Save time and effort

With hundreds of mortgage listings available in the market, it is a challenging task to look for the suitable offer for every client. Skyslope provides a platform where all options available in the market can be found. It provides the recent metrics and rates needed in decision-making that will help save time and effort of both borrower and lender.

Bring the best offer to the table

It is the mortgage adviser’s obligation to recommend the best loan option that fits the client’s financial capacity and best interests. With Skyslope having access to a wide range of offers, finding the perfect mortgage for every single client is just a click away.

Responsive to customers’ needs

A mortgage advisor has to be responsive and dedicated to providing for the client’s needs. It may be challenging for an individual advisor whose availability is limited, but with an AI mortgage advisor like Skyslope, it is attainable. Having trained and professional customer service available 24/7 is a major relief. This means clients can inquire about their services in the most convenient time for them.

Guarantee proper documentation

Ensuring the legality and completeness of the paperwork is another responsibility of the mortgage advisor. The AI mortgage platform, Skyslope, offers thorough monitoring of the digital footprint made in the duration of the transaction. It authenticates the paperwork and certifies compliance with rules is being followed at all times.

Protect client’s interests

It is mandatory for the mortgage advisor to protect their client from the different deceiving schemes existing in the market. It is the mortgage advisor’s responsibility to authenticate offers and avoid fraudulent ones. Skyslope is a platform that not only ensures the efficiency of the whole process of obtaining a mortgage but also the legitimacy of listings being offered to clients.

Surely AI has made its way in the field of real estate. Its presence in the mortgage industry is of great help not only to clients but to mortgage advisors as well. With Skyslope, advisors can ensure they deliver the best results to clients. They can be more efficient in their job without sacrificing their safety especially in this time of a pandemic. 

Dragan Sutevski

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