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How & Why O-Rings Are Vital to a Company’s Profits


As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a well-stocked inventory of products at all times. This will ensure that you can fill orders and keep customers happy.

One thing that can negatively impact your ability to fulfill orders, as well as profits, is some type of mechanical failure. As Toolbox notes, when equipment breaks down, production will stop and shipments are delayed. Then, the repair costs can add up, which can further devastate a company’s bottom line.

To help ensure that your company’s machinery continues to hum along nicely and you are able to stay on top of your inventory and orders, it is crucial to have sturdy and reliable parts — all down to the smallest seals. Here’s why it is so important to focus so much of your equipment maintenance plans on o-rings.

O-Rings Are Vital

Essentially, o-rings are used to keep liquids and gases from escaping inside machinery or other products. The seal is usually inside of a groove which is then pressed between two surfaces. The o-ring can be squeezed under pressure, which leads to it maintaining a tight seal. For any production equipment that contains this type of seal, having an o-ring fail can be catastrophic.

Assess Every Part

The first step in keeping your equipment in working condition is to assess the various parts that can break down and which replacement parts can be kept on hand. When it comes to seals like o-rings, these are parts that you can order ahead of time so that you are ready when one needs to be replaced, which will help keep your supply chain running smoothly

While you might be tempted at times to cut costs in your supply chain and outsource overseas for certain items in order to save some money, this will ultimately cost you in the long run. Low-cost vendors can lead to high-cost repairs, so stick with a reliable company that offers a huge selection of high-quality seals that you can safely store at your business.

Store Your Seals Properly

Stocking up on o-rings involves more than ordering ahead of time and then keeping them in a box in a warm storeroom. While seals are made from different types of products, as a general rule of thumb, they should be sealed in a moisture-proof bag in a room where the humidity is less than 65 to 75 percent. Keep them away from light and be sure the room is less than 100 degrees; if your storage room heats up during the summer, move the o-rings to another spot.

Maintain Supporting Parts

As Chemical Processing notes, seal systems usually include other needed parts like flow meters and strainers. Check these components on a regular basis as well, and set up a schedule so that you don’t lose track of when your equipment was last maintained. Know where the seals are located in your machinery and then inform your employees as well; show them where and how to check the seals, and if something seems amiss, they should alert you right away.

No Part Is Too Small

To keep your company running smoothly, it is paramount to stay on top of your equipment maintenance. Rather than waiting for something to break and focusing only on the larger parts, being proactive and recognizing the importance of the tiniest pieces is really important. By finding a reputable and reliable supplier of o-rings, storing them properly and checking them on a regular basis, you should avoid costly delays in manufacturing as well as expensive repairs.

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