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Interesting Facts About the US That You Didn’t Know About

Facts About the US That You Didnt Know

Do you consider yourself a patriot when it comes to matters in the United States? Do you believe you know all the basic facts about the country? Whichever category you fall into, there are some things about the United States that you do not know about. These acts can be small but they can fascinate you. Be it the alcohol prescription facts, the dinosaur facts, or the lifestyle facts, there’s something you do not know about the country. To learn more, here are some interesting facts about the US that you don’t know about:

The US Annually Commemorates the Unity of All the States

Did you know that the United States annually commemorates the union of all its states? According to historians at BlankCalendar, one way the country does this is by marking the national flag day every 14th of June. Interestingly, congress agreed on this date back in 1977 when the country became independent.  

Besides the date, congress also agreed that the country’s flag shall have thirteen stripes with white and red stripes alternating. They agreed that the union flag should have thirteen stars and some white stars in a blue field to represent a new union. Woodrow Wilson later in 1916, proclaimed this date official and a day to celebrate the flag. Remember the day is not a public holiday but a day for all Americans to reflect on the implication of the country’s flag.

Americans Love Peanut Butter

Most people love peanut butter but Americans love peanut butter the most. Do you prefer to eat peanut butter as a cookie? Do you prefer to add it to your favorite smoothies? Some people are purely purists and prefer some classic peanut butter in their jelly sandwiches. However, over ninety-four percent of the US residents take at least a jar of peanut butter as an anytime spread.

Sportspeople Are the Most Paid 

Did you know that the highest-paid public servant in the US is a sports person? Basketball coaches and football coaches are the highest-paid individuals in the country. While the professional players earn big money too, the coaches earn better money. Regardless of the level at which these coaches work, they earn good money. Coaches who work with college teams and those who work with international clubs are all highly paid. 

Therefore, you should not be surprised that a coach is the most highly paid person in your state of residence. The latest statistics that the GOBanking Rates released in 2019 indicate that football coaches earn over $1 million. The data also revealed that there’s no single basketball coach that earns below $1 million. Shockingly, collegiate basketball coaches earn an annual salary of over $9 million.

People Still Consumed Alcohol During the Prohibition Era

Between 1920 and 1933, the US government banned the sale of alcohol in all its states. However, the state still allowed doctors to prescribe alcohol to the patients. The doctors would handwrite alcohol prescriptions to deserving patients only for medical purposes.

Dinosaur Fossils Do Not Exist in the US Midwestern States

While scientists have found dinosaur fossils in many US states, they have not found any in the Midwestern States. Such states that are fossil-free include Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The western mountainous states and the southwest US states have lots of dinosaur fossils.

Marathoners Can Run Across the US in Less Than 43 Days

Are you a marathoner? Have you watched the movie Forrest Gump? Have you at some point contemplated how long it would take a marathoner to cross the US? You can challenge yourself to run across the US in under 43 days and from research, you will surely manage. For instance, Pete Kostelnick spent one and a half months crossing the country. This qualified him to the Guinness World Record book in 2016. Pete ran by foot and successfully crossed the country from San Francisco to New York City. He spent 42 days, 6 hours, and thirty minutes.

The US Doesn’t Have an Official Language

Most countries worldwide have an official language that government officials and citizens use to communicate during national occasions. Surprisingly,  the US does not have such a language. Residents of the US majorly converse in English although this isn’t the country’s official language. Both the 1981 and 2006 attempts to make English the official language in the US failed. Likewise, the government effort and constitutional amendments of 2017 to make English the country’s official language, failed to pass.

some facts about the US

The United States is a beautiful country and has for long been the world superpower. Despite how long you have studied the country’s history or how patriotic you feel, there are many facts about the country that very few people know about. The country’s lack of an official language is perhaps the most shocking delta about the country. Alcohol prohibition is also quite unbelievable considering the love Americans have for alcohol. Also, despite the country’s big size, you can run across it in less than two months.

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