The Most Distinctive Road Trips in Australia

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The country of Australia presents an incomparable beauty that is difficult to find while visiting another country in the world. It is a country where you can find beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the gift of privacy, its rainforests with rich flora and fauna of all kinds and the rich interior of the country with large and modern cities that guarantee the ultimate travel experience. The best way to create and capture the most “realistic” image of a destination is to cross it with the vehicle of his car. In other words, to make a road trip to a specific goal. And especially when we talk about the vast country of Australia with its huge distances and a great variety of attractions, then the road trip experience becomes more critical.

The Great Ocean Road

Steep shores, enchanting landscapes, and driving along the huge waves of the ocean – whatever the Great Ocean Road imagines-is one of the most famous routes in Australia and the whole world. A route that stretches for many miles invites you to “take your time” as you approach all of these unique destinations on the way to Victoria.

A red sun that paints the surface of the rocks with its bright red colour, the majestic and imposing lighthouses that lead the merchant ships to the shore and the cute koalas on the trees of the forests create a definitely adventurous landscape for every visitor. Also, by making a stop at the historic and impressive monument of the 12 Apostles, which is considered one of the top locations in the country, you will be able to enjoy the most imposing view in the whole of Australia.

The Grand Pacific Drive

In New South Wales, Australia, in addition to the clear blue waters of the seas and breathtaking scenery at high altitudes, you can also witness a truly remarkable experience called the Grand Pacific Road – yet another great road trip to the country of choice. Australia. When we think of a trip by car, we usually dream of a coastal journey, where the road we will cross will almost touch the surface of a sea. Well, this particular route offers you precisely this experience.

In a total area of ​​140 km, the winding road of Grand Pacific Road holds many surprises and thrills. A landscape that takes place in one part of the green waters of the ocean and in the other part of the steep rocks of the island is, we would say, the ideal place to experience an authentic experience behind the wheel of a car.

Legendary Pacific Coast

In the total 780 km route between the city of Sydney and Brisbane, you will find that the name of the Legendary Pacific Coast is not just a coincidence. During this trip to New South Wales and Queensland, you will see all kinds of scenery that will give you a special memory. Areas with quite developed tourism and economy are ready to welcome every visitor with fantastic products and services. It is a road that offers huge safety while driving, allowing you to enjoy this multi-level area with hundreds of different leisure and entertainment options. The Legendary Pacific Coast is a unique journey into the true “value” of the country that is none other than the coastal beauty and deep tradition.

In closing, we would say that the above popular and unique Australia routes are some of the dozens that this vast country can offer you. Apart from fantastic road routes, however, they are also historical monuments of this place. Monuments that every person must live and experience. And indeed, the experience of a road trip can offer him all that. To make this jealous experience reality, you can focus on choosing a rental car all the way. Turn to modern car hire in Australia, turning to a trusted experienced company like Enjoy Travel, which has left thousands of satisfied guests who have experienced it before you. So what are you waiting for to make this trip?