Cable Labels and Advantages of Using Them

cable labels

A cable label is the labels and tags you see on wires and cables. These came in a wide variety and options and you can choose just about any type that you need. They range in shapes, sizes, designs, and even colors. Whatever you choose will be determined by your requirements. 

Here are some types of cable labels; 

Heat Shrink Labels

These are also called core markers, shrink tube labels, heat shrink sleeves, wire labels, or shrink tubing. They are also the most common types of labels used on wires and cables. They are mostly used for the identification of electrical panels of different sizes, from small to medium, to large. 

Self-Laminating cable labels

These are mostly used when your cables are terminated and you can’t possibly get a sleeve over your wire. For identification of such, self-laminating labels are applied. They are usually wrapped around the wire and provide clear protection around the label. 

Cable Tags 

These are also called tie-on-label cables. They are mostly applied on larger labels, hoses, wire bundles, and conduits. They also come in different sizes from a ¼ to ¾ high and up to 3cm wide. They typically come in a white material and a tear-resistant polyethylene material. 

Choosing the Right Cable Labels

While labeling wires and cables is extremely important, you also must be able to choose the right material and type for your requirements. You should know that there are multiple types of cable labels, all of which are used in different applications. So, you first need to identify your requirements for application then make a choice. 

Here are some of the factors to consider while making the decision;

Industry and/ or Customer Specifications

When it comes to using wire cables, there could be a lot of industry or customer specifications that should be met. This is the first question to ask yourself and the factor that will determine whatever you pick. If there are specific directions you are required to follow, then it is the first thing to consider.

Environmental Conditions

Adhesives play a vital role when it comes to labeling in any industry and any type. Environment factors are also important factors to consider when choosing a label. You need to figure out what environmental conditions the wires will be around to determine the type of label that will best suit.

The Label Printer

The label printer is also a factor to consider. You need to figure out what printers you will use for your labels. Some of the factors that come to play when it comes to this include how often you need to print the labels, the size of the labels, the materials you will be using, and more.  

Advantages of Using Cable Labels

Labeling cables is a vital and essential part of the industry. Meanwhile, there are many ways in which labeling cables can benefit installers and users in terms of reliability, efficiency, performance, and profitability. Here are some of these advantages; 

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial when it comes to cables and wires, just like in any other system. It is therefore essential to label your wires and cables in a way that will be simple and fast for troubleshooting and maintenance. This also saves time and costs of repairs and replacements.

Reduced Cost 

When combined with administration systems, comprehensive identification, and dynamic management, labeling cables is a great way to reduce the cost of ownership. Without labeling, companies stand to lose valuable resources, time, and assets.

Effectiveness and Quality assurance

When it comes to installer warranties and manufacturer terms, labeling cables proves more effective compliance and assurance of quality.