Drive More Sales With These 7 Amazon Marketing Hacks

If you’ve been looking for ways to get more sales on Amazon, you just clicked on the right article. You’re about to get a proper orientation on what works and what doesn’t work for you on Amazon so grab a seat and read on. 

Here are 7 Amazon marketing hacks that can help you drive more sales on Amazon;

Make Your Copies Engaging

Contrary to what you probably think, a product copy is not meant to be a recitation of the technical jargon about the product; that will just fly right over your customer’s head and probably leave them confused rather than convinced. 

Focus less on the technicalities of the product and more on what the product does and how it will benefit your customers. Customers are often in a hurry and have a plethora of options to choose from. If you are working with an Amazon marketing agency and you want to stand out then you need to write a copy that positions your product as the next best thing. Talk about the benefits and the effect it will have on your customer. Tell them the dress will highlight their curves, or that it’s the perfect chic dress to lounge in during summer. Tell them your shoes are stylish and comfy because they deserve shoes that will not kill their feet. 

Be creative with your copies, tell a joke, or use an anecdote. Every other person is probably badgering the customer with technical words they don’t understand and selling to the customer in their own language. 

Leverage Keywords

A keyword is like a search torch for customers. They are what the customer will use to find you and they are what you will use to make yourself visible to the customer in return. To get a better idea of what customers are searching for take a look at Amazon’s search bar and adopt the most common searches in your keyword insertion. A trick is to search like a customer, use some of your product details and see what pops up as automated responses, and then use the phrases in your copy. 

Put Your Reviews To Good Use

Customer reviews are one of the easiest ways to gain the trust of potential customers. People listen to other people and if other people are telling them that a product is amazing, they’ll be influenced by that. They may not take your word for it when you tell them that your product is legit but they will listen to another person who has shopped from you. 

A 5-star rating will do wonders for your business but you have to put in the work to earn it. If you want people to say you have a great product with amazing service then you have to give them a great product with amazing service. And if you ever get a bad review, acknowledge it and attend to it like a professional. 

Get Even More Creative With The Reviews

Asides from being a tool to build trust for your product/service, reviews can also be a guide for writing product descriptions. While writing reviews people tend to talk about their exact pain points and how a product solved them. They will highlight the features they found most useful and what they loved the most about shopping from you. The hack is to write more often about these features and if there are recurrent terms use them as your keywords. Let your customer guide you to more customers. 

Offer Freebies

Everyone loves freebies and Amazon knows this too. That’s why they created special portals for shoppers to get coupons for discounts. These coupons are highlighted on the website and if you can use them to direct traffic to your own specific product pages. But you have to do more than just create these coupon pages; you still need to promote them to give them visibility and if you do it right you could even get more traffic from the coupon link than from the product link itself. 

A good trick to achieving this is to give shoppers a better deal than what your competitors are giving them. 

Make Good Use Of Amazon Posts

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You can actually market your products on Amazon posts for free and you don’t have to pay for a social media account first. It’s an excellent channel to interact with your target audience and broaden your reach. Put out interesting and useful content and infuse links to your product listing. This content could be tips relating to things your target audience could find useful or solutions to problems that your product already solves. With proper storytelling and consistency, you can grow a base following of people that will know you, patronize you, and recommend you to other people. 

Do Not Underestimate Inventory Management

Inventory management is how Amazon determines which sellers to show in its search results. You can earn a top spot on their list by ensuring that you never run out of stock. Keep an inventory that shows the algorithm that when shoppers come to your page they get what they are looking for and are not always told that products are sold out. 

In conclusion, it is important to note that Amazon is a great channel for your business, but like every tool out there if it is not put to proper use, it will show no results. 

We wish you and your business the very best!

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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