5 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Paysafecard


Virtual and Prepaid cards are slowly becoming a way of sending people money and allowing them to spend to their heart’s content. Paysafe is just one of those prepaid cards that allow you to buy a virtual card that has pre-loaded funds onto it, and spend in any shop you would normally spend money in. When you use a Paysafe card, you may not be using it to its full potential, so today – we look at 5 tips on how to get the most out of your Paysafecard. Let’s jump straight into it.

Paysafe is Accepted on the Vast Majority of Online Stores

The original product of Paysafe was for people with cash, to buy Paysafe cards to spend online without the need for a bank. Although you can buy Paysafe cards with both bank cards, and cash – Paysafe is now accepted on the vast majority of online stores and financial services such as PayPal, or Skrill

With this being said, you can use your prepaid Paysafe on any of the major stores that you would normally spend at or on, all from a virtual card online. In most cases, you will be sent a ‘Paysafe Mastercard’ which is the type of virtual card Paysafe uses. So, keeping an eye out for “MasterCard ” on your favorite stores will let you know where and when you can spend your pre-paid balance on your Paysafe card.

Paysafe is Secure

Unlike other cards, or even banks for that matter – you will never have to disclose your bank or personal information unless it’s asked of you. With Paysafe, you could theoretically have someone buy you a card and you can use it without providing your name and you will have a safe way to stay private whilst shopping. 

Paysafe may ask for some verification depending on your prepaid card balance, but apart from that, there are no bank details to be exchanged. You simply login, get your card details and the rest is history. 

PaySafe also offers an easy chargeback/refund scheme should you ever buy something that isn’t quite up to scratch. In some cases, you may order a pair of shoes and get the wrong ones – if refunded, the money will go straight back onto the card but if they fail to refund you – you can contact Paysafe and they will help you as much as you can to get the right shoes, or the money back to your card regardless of the situation.

Check your Balance – Don’t worry about Overspending

Are you worried about going over your pre-paid balance limit, or overspending on your next shopping spree? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. With Paysafe, you can actually have your own balance display on the website or app. When you get your Paysafe card, it’s usually tied to your account that you sign-up with and this will display the balance of all your cards – or if you have individual cards, it will show each card separately. 

In other words, if you ever think you’re going to overspend or worry about your balance is too low – resort to the Paysafe app or website, sign in and make sure you have the balance you think you do! It’s simple, safe, and easy to do, meaning you can get back to your spending within minutes. 

Don’t lose out on small-remainders of Balance

A common question people ask with pre-paid cards is what if I don’t spend every penny on the card? Legally, Paysafe is not allowed to take those small remainders and so there is a nice solution for you if this happens to you.

Paysafe allows you to keep your prepaid card as long as is needed for the balance to be spent. Obviously, if you only have a few pennies on the card, you probably won’t be able to buy anything but you can always merge more than one card together which is crucial if you use Paysafe all the time.

You can combine Paysafe PINs (3 at once up to the value of 30 euros) that will, in turn, transfer the value to a single card and you can then do that again. The chances are if you do this a few times you could build up a little amount to treat yourself to something nice! Be sure to do this to ensure you get the most out of your Paysafe card when shopping online. 

To Sum Up

In conclusion, Paysafe is a great way to send your friends and family money, and spend it online without the risks and needs of a standard bank or online financial service like PayPal. Hopefully, this guide helped you get the most out of your Paysafe card, and if so – let us know!