Instagram Best Practices to Build Your Audience

Instagram is the foundation of many brands’ social presence, growing conversions, building an engaged audience, and driving profitable traffic to land pages. 

That being said, to be on Instagram does not simply mean uploading your photos and videos relevant to your brand and business without any previously defined strategy. As Instagram is an integral part of the marketing mix, planning your marketing efforts on this platform well in advance is critical to your brand’s success.

Instagram Best Practices

With that in mind, this article will give you the best strategies to sharpen your Instagram presence and get real, organic followers.

Create a robust business profile

Building a strong business profile on Instagram is a significant step in building your audience. That means a dedicated Instagram business profile instead of a personal one is the best way to be taken seriously as a brand. This way, you will be in a position to successfully establish your brand image, boost your following, and build your sales funnel. 

Use all possibilities this platform offers. For example, incorporate call-to-action buttons so your followers and visitors can contact you or do business with you. Also, focus your attention on earning a verification badge from Instagram that certifies your genuineness and authenticity. 

Finally, opt for ad campaigns, monitor their execution, and use real-time data to understand how effective your organic content and outreach is. 

Build your community with AI targeted growth

Instagram growth is, above all, about building a community that will engage with your content, product, or service in the long run. And nowadays, gaining a loyal audience on this platform has become increasingly complex and competitive. 

For this reason, every business should embrace innovative AI tools that use targeting algorithms to find organic Instagram followers that are most likely to engage with their brand. By connecting with innovators of this type, you will build a community of quality, interested, and engaged followers that have a genuine interest in your business. 

Publish valuable and sharable content 

Let us remind you of one golden rule: People do not buy products and services, they buy stories. So, as there is no substitute for great content, you need to create unique, relevant, and quality content for your business’s Instagram account. 

It goes without saying that you should use high-quality photos, write extended, engaging captions or short, creative ones, and tell stories to promote and sell. Most importantly, the key is making and posting content you know your audience will want to repost. 

Think also about infographics, data that could spark intrigue, fun memes, or relatable quotes. The whole idea is to humanize your brand so users can connect with it on a personal level. 

instagram valuable content

Use data in your decision-making process

Knowing what type of content attracts an audience or where your business stands in comparison to competitors is crucial. And to determine that accurately, you need to introduce data in your decision-making process. 

That being said, use advanced Instagram analytical tools and software for tracking your account’s overall performance and progress. For example, it is wise to monitor post-performances and the latest Instagram trends regularly. 

Additionally, keep tracking hashtag usage and comments and meticulously measure your audience engagement. Finally, try to identify and connect with your industry-relevant famous influencers on the platform.

Follow and engage with your competitors’ followers

Your competitor’s followers are your target market. They are a target audience who is interested in your industry and in what you are sharing. To convert them into your followers, compile a file of all your competitors and significant accounts on Instagram within your niche, and look who follows them. 

Then, dedicate yourself to connecting with a high volume of followers and engaging as authentically as possible by leaving comments to posts that stand out to you. This tactic is a great way to show that you pay attention to what they are posting and ensure that they notice your business. Ideally, many of these followers will like what you share and follow you back, making it a simple yet powerful way to increase your Instagram followers organically. 

The bottom line

There are many effective ways of succeeding on Instagram. However, you need first to understand your brand and your target audience to be successful. These two aspects are integral to promoting, engaging, and even advertising on Instagram. 

Once you are clear about them, try out the above Instagram best practices. We guarantee you that you will build your audience and make them satisfied and incredibly engaged with your brand in no time.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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