6 Tips for Choosing an Instagram Growth Service

It has been 12 years since Instagram was created. As rated by Buffer, what started as a photo-sharing site quickly evolved into one of the top five social media applications that businesses use.  

To be able to ride the frequent changes in algorithm, consistent content creation, and audience engagement, some businesses choose to work with Instagram growth service agencies or professionals so they can focus on their operations, products, and services instead of loading more tasks on their plate.

Instagram growth service

There has been an exponential growth of service providers one can hire at this point. However, trying to determine if the service provider you’re excited to work with is capable of delivering results can be pretty tricky, especially since technology has made it easier to deceive potential customers.

To help you select the right service provider your business should hire, here are seven tips for choosing an Instagram growth service.

1. Know Your Goals

The smart thing to do before reaching out to an Instagram growth service provider is to come to terms with your goals. If you haven’t had the chance to articulate the purpose of growing your Instagram account, then this is an excellent time to brainstorm with your team.

Knowing your purpose, be it for brand awareness or audience engagement, and your timetable makes it easier for you to choose which Instagram growth service to use. Setting your goals also clarifies what the outcome is expected from the partnership.

2. Check Their Portfolio And Client List

Working with brands like Nitreo means checking their presence online. It’s not enough to have a beautifully designed website.  A sizeable portfolio is typically something you can look for or ask from them, bonus points if they could disclose or have a published list of past clients they have worked with. 

Consider it a red flag if their own Instagram account doesn’t look well-put-together or if they can’t provide a portfolio, especially if they have a lot of claims regarding their success in growing Instagram accounts.

3. Read Reviews About Them

One of the advantages of living in the digital age is that it’s easy to search quickly and look for company reviews. First-hand accounts from previous clients found in blogs, podcasts, or newsletters can tell you a lot about a particular brand. 

Reading through these reviews will give you much-needed insights about how the brands on your shortlist do business, the impact of their brand on their clients, and their success or horror stories if any.

Seeing their work can also give you an idea of the services they offer and if these align with what your business needs. If you find it hard to find reviews, it’s perhaps best to move on to your next potential candidate.

4. Check Out How Many Followers They Have On Instagram

As mentioned above, if a service provider claims they can help you grow your Instagram account, it’s best to get a glimpse of how well their own Instagram account is doing. 

It’s easy to make claims and create case studies. To prove that these Instagram growth services can give their promised results, have a look at their Instagram account and see for yourself if they can do what they say when it comes to growing your brand’s Instagram account.

5. Ask For Rate Cards or Plans

Finding ways to get value for your money is always a significant consideration in running a business. One excellent way to determine if an Instagram growth service provider is worth working with is through their pricing scheme.

Always remember that you get what you pay for. Thus, it’s not always the best idea to go for the agency that charges the lowest.  Prices should be just within the industry standard, something you can find with quick research. It’s also crucial that they are transparent with their fees, rates, and upfront charges.

6. Get Their Free-Trial

To ensure that you’re satisfied with the service provider you chose, it’s best to take their free trial offers. Testing the water before signing up with your preferred provider ensures that you’re getting the service you need and want. Companies who give a free trial to their customers are another sure sign they can guarantee results.

Choose Your Player

Instagram marketing continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms businesses can use. Knowing your way around business profiles is one thing. Growing your followers and getting that blue check is another.  In your search for the perfect Instagram growth service, it’s always best to stick to brands that are aligned with your company’s values, ethics, and vision. When in doubt, talk to professionals who can help you boost your brand’s Instagram growth.

Dragan Sutevski

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