The 7 Best Promotional Gifts You Should Be Bringing to Trade Shows

The 7 Best Promotional Gifts You Should Be Bringing to Trade Show

Trade shows are one of the absolute best locations for professionals to network at. Especially for small businesses, trade shows provide an opportunity to stand out amongst larger competitors. If your company is giving away quality promotional gifts at its booth, they are much more likely to attract people that could either end up becoming valuable customers or business partners.

To help you succeed at your company’s next trade show, here are seven of the best promotional gifts you should be bringing to (and giving away at) trade shows:

1. Paperweights

If you work in an office environment, you’ll understand just how life-saving a quality paperweight can be. While it may not seem obvious, paperweights are key for productivity and organization. For those who struggle to keep papers from blowing away, or who are trying to avoid mixing up piles of paperwork, paperweights can prove invaluable. Due to these facts, investing in branded paperweights to give out at trade shows can make you the talk of the convention.

2. Tote Bags

Trying to take full advantage of a trade show environment without a bag to carry things around in can be overwhelming. By offering branded tote bags to everyone who stops by your booth, you can become a go-to destination at the trade show in no time. Pairing these tote bags with another quality free gift will only further the appeal of your booth. As convention goers gather tons of business cards and giveaway items and put them into their free new tote bags, they’ll keep your brand firmly in mind.

3. Pens

Few things are as frustrating as gaining a valuable new business lead or contact and then having no way to easily document your find. While many people use their phones to write information down these days, our phones are not always available (or charged for that matter). By gifting your target customers high-quality, beautifully designed pens at trade shows, you can attach your brand’s image to their ability to successfully navigate the trade show environment. Small business owners will benefit from using this type of promotional product in particular.

4. Notepads

If you’re considering going with pens as your main promotional gift at a trade show, you should consider pairing them with notepads. Not only will these notepads further ensure customers can keep track of all the valuable contacts and leads they’re finding on the trade show floor, but they will make them feel more professional and concentrated as they do so. Just make sure you invest in the right size of notepad, so that they are both comfortable and convenient for your customers to use.

5. Stress Balls

While trade shows are a lot of fun, they can also be downright stressful. For those who need little breaks here and there to deal with such a crowded environment, a quality stress ball can prove invaluable. If a customer is seeing your logo each time they go to unwind with their free stress ball, they will quickly begin associating your brand with a positive, relaxed mindset (a quality that can quickly translate into sales and future brand interactions).

6. Sunglasses

Even in the winter, many trade shows take place in a mostly outdoors environment. If you want your customers to swarm to your booth on a sunny day, offering them free, branded sunglasses are sure to go over well. Thankfully, you can now buy tons of high-quality sunglasses for cheap (as long as you buy them in bulk). Be sure to add your phone number to the sunglasses if at all possible, but be sure to avoid lessening the charm and stylishness of the sunglasses you’re giving out if you go this route design-wise.

7. Koozies

Many people follow up a trade show outing with a fun party and a cold brew. If you want customers to enjoy their brews comfortably, while simultaneously making them remember your brand, you should be giving out free, branded koozies at your trade show booth. If you can offer them a lead on a fun post-trade show party to go alongside the koozie, you’ll quickly become one of the most popular booths on the trade show floor.

Make Your Next Trade Show Appearance Truly Memorable

Any of these seven amazing promotional gifts will help you become a surefire hit at the next tradeshow your brand takes part in. Staying professional, sincere, and astutely aware during your time at the trade show is critical as well, however, as this helps you build a stronger connection between your business-minded target customers and your company’s highly valuable brand.