13 Videos Each Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

Entrepreneurs must make many things in their entrepreneurial life. There are needs for new business ideas, creativity, managing, implementing change…

There are many things that are important in our life, but some are more important than others. Sometimes you can’t notice the difference, and sometimes you will notice. Some we can’t see.

But one thing is clear. Our energy comes from different sources. Some are visible, some invisible. Some are tangible, and some are more mental. That we are, people with full potential to change the world. Only if we can learn to look at the world differently from the majority. Also, majority will benefit from everyone who looks differently and acts differently.

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Here I want to make a group of 13 video materials I found and think will be worth being seen from entrepreneurs.

1. Lost Generation

2. Change, Innovation and Entrepreneur

3. Where Good Ideas Come From?

4. Inspirational True Story: Don’t Give Up

5. The Road to Success is Never Without Obstacles

6. Everything Start With Nothing

7. Will Smith and Path to Success

8. The Rocky Story by Anthony Roberts

9. Your Messages as Part of the Real Words

10. Inspiration to Achieve Something More

11. Steve Jobs’ Vision of the World

12. The Social Business Model

13. Ideas That Spread

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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