Everything You Should Know About the ONT/ONG Crypto Pair

Everything You Should Know About the ONTONG Crypto Pair

Ontology was one of the most promising blockchains of the previous bull cycle in 2017. It promised huge advancements in this technology, allowing privacy and security into Web3. However, due to highly competitive and more modern chains, it has slightly fallen off the grid.

Does Ontology still have what it takes to compete in this industry? And is the ONTONG market pair still a great opportunity for investors? This article will provide you with some fundamentals and price predictions to answer these questions.

What Is ONT?

Ontology (ONT) is a series of layered blockchain protocols that support multiple VMs to allow interoperability within the space. It uses a layer 2 solution based on Optimistic Rollups to provide high scalability and remain future-proof for mass adoption.

Its ONTO wallet acts as a Web3 gateway for its users, allowing them to stake ONT tokens and receive ONG as rewards. Moreover, it also allows them to interact with the decentralized applications running on Ontology and participate in its ecosystem.

ONT is the store-of-value currency and allows users to access the governance model of the chain. 

ONT Price Forecast

As we mentioned in our introduction, ONT hasn’t had the strongest price action in the past few years. During the latest bullish cycle in 2021, it never managed to reach previous heights, as price action remained quite uneventful.

Currently trading at $0.21, the token’s performance doesn’t allow analysts to be overly optimistic about its future. For instance, Digitalcoinprice.com forecasts a $0.77 target for 2025 and goes as high as $2.24 for 2030.

Priceprediction.net is a bit more optimistic but remains conservative. This 2025 forecast targets $0.82, whereas their long-term prediction for 2030 aims for $4.93 per token.

What Is ONG?

ONG is integral to the Ontology blockchain as it provides users with gas to carry on transactions on the chain. Users can obtain ONG by staking ONT, which then allows them to start using the chain and interact with decentralized applications.

ONG Price Prediction

ONG tokens have had some decent price action in the past few years, at least compared to ONT. This is mainly due to the fact that ONG demand increases as the usage of the Ontology chain increases.

Consequently, the ONG tokens are currently trading at $0.3. Digitalcoinprice.com provides a target of $1.07 for 2023 and goes as high as $3.20 for 2030. Priceprediction.net expects $1.04 in 2025, and $6.88 in 2030, doubling down on the long-term prediction from their peers.

ONTONG Crypto Pair

Where to Swap ONT to ONG?

Now that we established that exchanging ONT for ONG can be interesting due to the higher volatility of ONG, let’s see where you can do this swap.


Godex is one of the best anonymous crypto exchanges on the market, allowing users to seamlessly swap more than 300 different cryptocurrencies. The exchange doesn’t require any private data, so you can keep your ID and crypto holdings separate.

This feature greatly increases your security and privacy over time in the blockchain space. You can check yourself the convenience and other perks Godex offers — https://godex.io/uae-crypto-exchange.


LetsExchange provides decent swap services without requiring you to create an account. And while it proposes the ONT token on different blockchains, the ONG token was unavailable at the time of our testing, making the exchange impossible.


Similar to the previous two platforms, SimpleSwap allows you to exchange ONT to ONG pretty easily. It also offers floating and fixed rates, giving the user the liberty to choose between the two.

Is It Profitable to Swap ONT to ONG?

Despite their fundamentals, ONG has proven to be a better-performing cryptocurrency than ONT. If you are looking to participate actively in the Ontology ecosystem, the best way to go around it is to invest in both tokens. ONT will provide you with voting power and staking features, while ONG will allow you to pay for gas.