Time Perspectives That Influence Our Behavior

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There are many elements and time perspectives that influence our own thinking and behaviour, and thus the concrete steps that we have already taken, or we would like to take. On that elements rely what we do now and what we will do in the future.

The entrepreneurial journey is the journey that requires action taking as a first prerequisite. Different time perspectives in our life will affect these decision makings and concrete action steps. For example, what we have experienced in the past will impact our decision making in the future. As human beings we learn from the past, we learn from our own mistakes. And in such a way we improve our future.

Here is an interesting animation and presentation from renowned psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo where he speaks about six main time perspectives and zones in which people are living.

They are based on the past, present and future and can influence our thinking and taking certain actions or directions in our life.

Focus on the past

When it comes to focusing on the past there are two main time perspectives that impact our life:

1. Time perspective – Past positive

What are positive things we have experienced in the past or have learned from the past? These are things when we are focusing on our past success, “good old days” or nostalgia about something.

2. Past negative

What are positive things we have experienced in the past or have learned from the past? When we talk about past negative we think about things that went wrong in the past, regrets, failures, etc.

Focus on the present

When we talk about the present there are two main time zones that impact our life:

3. Present hedonistic

What is the pleasure in our present life? This is related to our efforts to avoid pain and living in the moment for pleasure.

4. Present fatalism

life is governed by outside forces, “it doesn’t pay to plan”

Focus on the future

5. Future

Many times we focus on the future to prepare ourselves for the future. This is focus on learning to work rather than play and having fun while doing the work.

6. Transcendental Future

This dimension is more related to religion and beliefs. The basic to this dimension is that life begins after the death of the mortal body

The video is worth watching.

The interesting thing is our education and the need to make a change from the ground inside our education systems. Building creativity will need to be an important part of every education system.