The Best Business Articles – Week 35 and 36 – Year 2009

In the 35th and 36th week from the year 2009 the best business articles that I choose from the web are:

  • How to Start a Business from The New York Times where is described some basic steps — writing a business plan, proving the concept, raising capital, choosing a legal structure — to consider when getting started. This is the simple process that starts with a business idea that is converted into the business plan, then come and recheck the opportunities, finances and legal structure.
  • Looking for a Great Business Idea? Stay Home on the The recommendation is to look around you and think about all possibilities of what you could do! I think that every time we can look into the stuff around us with different eyes.This is the best source of fresh business ideas.
  • Go Guerrilla! Speaking, Coupons and Contests on This article presents excerption from Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days by Jay Conrad Levinson and Al J. Lautenslager. The article obtains three marketing weapons that can be used to generate publicity and more customers for the business.
  • 20 Tips to Save Time and Money in Your Small Business and At Home on Small Business Trends. Describe 20 tips that are proven time or money savers. Lack of money and time is one big constant in the business life.

Let’s summarize:

small business blog topics
  • Look for business ideas around you in your home at the places as a kitchen, garage, closet and so on. There are big possibilities, but you must put your brain in the 5th speed and increase the level of creativity.
  • Make a business plan for the greatest business idea from the previous step, prove the concept, find financing and choose the legal structure of your new business.
  • However, here is not the end. Marketing will speed up your new business. Start with some business cards, brochures, flyers, coupons, speaking and contest to increase visibility of your business.
  • And always think about how to save time and money.

Dragan Sutevski

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