100 Small Business Resources for Entrepreneurs From 2012

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As the end of the year is closer, I want to check different small business resources around me to see what was interesting from the outgoing year.

Before several days I was simply trying to look at my Evernote notebooks to see what small business resources I was reading in 2012 and what will need to stay in my Evernote account, what will need to be in which notebook and what I think will need to be deleted.

Quickly after searching for 2012 as a year of creating notes I find more than 2,600 notes that I was created in that year. There are different stuff in the form of my notes, my lists, interesting articles, books… It’s a huge small business resource list.

Here I want to share 100 small business resources that I found in my Evernote account from last year for which I think is valuable for entrepreneurs.

Business Startup

  1. Killing Your Startup by Listening to Customers | Steve Blank
  2. How to Run a Startup Like a Seal Platoon | Forbes
  3. 7 Keys to Hiring Startups First Employee | Forbes
  4. 3 Factors That May Be Limiting Your Startup’s Success | Open Forum
  5. The 3 Things Startup Founders Need to Know About HR | Forbes
  6. 10 Ways to Generate Your Own Startup Capital | Young Entrepreneur
  7. Think Like a Startup | Forbes
  8. How to Build a Billion Dollar Startup | Steve Blank
  9. The Role of Business Development at a Startup | Andrew Dumont
  10. How to Do Business Development at Startups | Women 2.0
  11. How to Become a Must-Have | The Smart Fast Startup
  12. More efficiency or more innovation | Innovation Excellence
  13. What Does Validated Hypothesis Look Like? | Cindy Alvarez
  14. Start-up on a Budget: 14 Cheap Tools | Inc.
  15. Changing Management’s View of an Innovation From “Probably Not a Good Idea” to “We’re Late” | SKMurphy
  16. The Exponential Rise of Lean Business | Forbes
  17. The Value Hypothesis | Forbes
  18. The Rule of 10 for Product Design | Up and Running
  19. Five Tips to Inspire Innovation at Your Small Business | Entrepreneur
  20. Are Your Employees Scared to Innovate? | Open Forum
  21. 7 Deadly Sins of Start-ups | Inc.
  22. The Danger of the Minimal Viable Product | Harvard Business Review
  23. Small Business Innovation Lessons From 3 Big Companies | Open Forum
  24. Eric Ries: A Better Way to Pivot | Inc.
  25. Bring Your Innovation to Market With These 6 Tips | Open Forum
  26. The Roadmap from Great Idea to Great Product | Business2Community
  27. Is Pivoting a Smart Strategy for Young Entrepreneurs | Young Entrepreneur
  28. Managing Your Ideas | Small Business Trends
  29. Why the Innovators Dilemma is Everyone’s Dilemma (And How to Beat It) | Under 30 CEO
  30. Design Your Business to Handle Exception, Not for the Exception | Open Forum
  31. Vision Versus Hallucination – Founders and Pivot | Steve Blank
  32. 10 Things to Consider When Starting a Business in a Down Economy | Forbes


  1. 50 Ways to Increase Your Productivity | Lifehack
  2. 7 Ways to Leverage Your Time to Increase Your Productivity | Lifehack
  3. Time Management Tips: Focus on Your Priorities | Click Newz
  4. 4 Critical Ways You Can Stop Wasting Time Today | Lifehack
  5. The 7 Bad Habits of Insanely Productive People | Copyblogger
  6. The Hierarchy of Getting Important Stuff Done | Duct Tape Marketing
  7. The Cycle of Getting the Important Stuff Done | Duct Tape Marketing
  8. How Task Management Software Adds Value | Business2Community
  9. 7 Steps to Turbocharge Your Efficiency | Inc.
  10. 7 Strategies to Avoid Distraction at Work | Men’s Health
  11. Secrets of the Most Productive People I Know | Inc.
  12. 12 Most Practical Strategies to Beat Stress at Work | 12 Most
  13. Multi-tasking Will Kill You | The Altucher Confidential

Content Marketing

  1. How to Build Better Buying Personas to Drive Killer Content | HubSpot
  2. A Fool-Proof Formula for Easily Creating Compelling Content | Copyblogger
  3. Agile Content Marketing: How to Grow and Audience that Grows Your Business | Entreproducer
  4. What’s Your Content Marketing Plan of Attack [Infographic] | Econsultancy
  5. 10 Content Marketing Must-Do’s for Brands | Convince & Convert
  6. Successful Online Content Planning in 45 Sure-Fire Bullets | Function Writing Group
  7. How to Overcome I Wish Mentality and Start a Blog | ProBlogger
  8. 100 Lessons Learned from 10 years of SEO | Quick Sprout

Social Media

  1. 6 Steps to Getting Started With Google + | Social Media Examiner
  2. How to Create Social Media Editorial Calendar | Search Engine Watch
  3. How to Optimize Your Business for Local Search and Social Marketing | Quicksprout
  4. 5 Top Google + Tools and Apps for Marketing Pros | Social Media Examiner
  5. Putting the Social Back into Social Media: 40 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience | Copyblogger
  6. 9 Social Media Hacks I Use Every Day | Social Media Today
  7. How a Small Business Uses Social Media to Generate Leads and Deliver Customer Service | Radian6
  8. 5 Reasons Google + Is Worth It For SMBs | Small Business Trends
  9. A Quick Guide to Tumblr for Business | Open Forum


  1. 10 Brand Building Steps for Begginers | Fast Company
  2. 21 Reasons You’ll Fail at Marketing | Up and Running Blog
  3. Eight Creative Marketing Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out | Entrepreneur
  4. Reinventing Advertising: A Manifesto | Firepole Marketing
  5. Needs and Wants Are Often Confused | Seth Godin
  6. The Psychology of Advertising | Business Pundit
  7. Make a Great First Impression: 9 New Rules | Inc.
  8. Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers: The Idea in Practice | Harvard Business Review
  9. 4 Simple Ways to Find Out What Your Customers Really Think | Open Forum
  10. How to expand and Get New Customers | Microsoft Small Business
  11. Email Checklist | Seth Godin
  12. Case Study: Should You Listen to the Customer? | Harvard Business Review


  1. No Really! Change is a Good Thing | Inc.
  2. Competitive Intelligence versus Knowledge Management | Proactive Intelligence
  3. 9 Ways to See Change Coming (Before it Kills Your Business) | Inc.
  4. Managing Innovation is about Managing Change | Innovation Excellence
  5. 6 Must Have Tools for Managing Virtual Employees | Open Forum
  6. Tips to Manage Successful Sales Team | Entrepreneur
  7. The Power of the One-Page Strategy | Young Entrepreneur
  8. The 5 Biggest Mistakes You’e Making With Work Relationships | Fas Company


  1. 25 Ways to Get Motivated Today | WiseBread
  2. Hack Your Mind to Get Motivated | Lifehack

Business Planning

  1. Burn Your Business Plan | Forbes
  2. The Best Way to Predict the Future Is To Create It | Forbes


  1. Four Myths of Entrepreneurship Debunked | Young Entrepreneur
  2. Working On the Business Easier Said Than Done | Dr Jeff Cornwall
  3. The Three Most Important Factors of Business Success | Duct Tape Marketing
  4. How an Entrepreneur Imagines the World | Duct Tape Marketing
  5. Why Being a Successful Entrepreneur Takes Practice | Forbes
  6. 4 Steps To Turning Your Dream Into a Business | Inc.
  7. How to Build a Better Business Model | Inc.
  8. 21 Tools to Unlock Your Creative Genius | Blue Glass
  9. 3 Fundamentals of Building a Great Business | Inc.
  10. 15 Free (or Cheap) Web tools for Creative Entrepreneurs | Open Forum
  11. Twelve Keys to Success | The Sales Blog


  1. Starting | Chris Brogan
  2. Making Sense of the Cloud for Small Business | Duct Tape Marketing
  3. 10 Ways Business Intelligence is Evolving | CMS Wire