Three Persons That Will Have Influence on Your Sales Team

Your sales team is important for your business. On their performance will depend all your business activities. If they succeed, your business will succeed in increasing income, ensure highest profitability, and implement different investments for the future.

Probably you have already built your sales team. They are the best one for your business currently. But, as everything in your business, your sales team will also need to improve.

When we talk about improvements in your sales team, we can’t escape talking about different influential forces around them excluding you and your business as something normal and usual.

We can list many influential forces around your sales team, but today I want to talk about their most important persons that will heavily influence performance on your sales team.

Let’s start with the first, most important, or most valuable person for your sales team.

1. The Persons That Will Need to Solve the Problem

Your business solves customers problems. Your sales team sells your solution to your customers. Your customers want to solve the problem your products, and services solve for them.

In most of the cases, your sales team will need to bring your solution to them. If they need to smell it your sales team will need to provide them possibility to smell it. If they need to try it, your sales team will need to provide them what they need.

These persons are important because your sales team will need to show the people that will use your product after purchasing decision that your solution will meet their needs.

2. The Person Who Will Be Responsible to Give You the Space That Your Sales Team Will Need

Оften your sales team can easily touch the persons who will need to solve problems, but it will be much harder to get in touch with the persons that will need to ensure the space that your sales team will need to show the solution or meet with the persons that can make a purchasing decision. This is the case if you sell product for bigger organizations where the users are employers, but decision makers are their managers.

These persons are something like “gate kippers” in large organizational systems. Your sales team will need to be prepared for such persons if you want to increase their performance.

3. The Persons Who Control the Money

The last persons for which I want to talk here are persons who control the money in the organizations as potential customers for your small business.

Your sales team can succeed with the persons who will need to solve the problem and “gate kippers,” but if the persons who control the money don’t approve the deal, they will not succeed in their intents to sell your products and services.

Depending on the type of business that you have, different persons will have different influence on your sales team in different points on your sales funnel. Your sales team will need to be prepared for each of these persons, because they can help them or make their work very difficult.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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