Negative and Positive Consequences of Doing or Not Doing Something

positive consequences

Your productivity is based on your ability to process every task that you think you need to do with spending the smallest possible amount of time and effort from your side.

Tasks that you need to accomplish will bring a different type of consequences for you and your small business in the future, normally after you accomplish that tasks. If you not accomplish, you can’t expect a consequence, it doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative.

What will be the potential consequences of doing or not doing something in your entrepreneurial life?

This question is important for you as an entrepreneur. Why?

1. Think about Your Future

When you think about the consequences of tasks that you need to accomplish you think about your future. Simply thinking through the prism of consequences you are preparing yourself for the future. As an entrepreneur, you are the visionary person who will always need to be prepared for the future.

2. Your Present Actions

When you think about the future, your intentions are determining your present actions. A clear look into the future will enable you to become more focused entrepreneur about your present actions that have the potential to change the future. If you know that something will be wrong of what you do today, you can change your behavior according to that.

3. Do You Know What You Need to Do?

You will know tasks that will bring you positive consequences in your life, and you can easily focus your attention on that tasks. When you know your desired final destination, it will be much easier for you to define the most important action steps.

4. What Tasks will Bring You the Biggest Negative Consequences?

You will know what type of tasks if they are not done right or on time will bring you the biggest negative consequences. What is more important is that you will know the priority and the importance of what you need to do next, in order to achieve the positive consequences from your action steps.

5. What are Your Priorities?

You can easily prioritize your tasks if you know what consequences they will bring to you. Prioritizing is much easier if you know what the consequences will be from your action steps. The best positive consequences and their respective tasks will be the most prioritized items on your to-do list.

6. Your Motivation to Do the Job

You will be much more motivated for the tasks that will bring you the highest possible positive consequences in your life. And, in the end, your motivation will be much bigger for the tasks that you know will bring you positive consequences for you and your business in the future.

Question: Do you think about the consequences of doing something before you start doing?