15 Reasons for Fear – The Biggest Entrepreneurial Enemy

The biggest entrepreneurial enemy is fear to start doing something to become an entrepreneur. That something is starting up your new business. You will need to manage your fear.

Often fear is justified, but if you allow making decisions on the basis of your fear, you can’t become an entrepreneur, you can’t and you will not start a business from your dreams.

What is more important is that you can find answers on all questions, and you can successfully manage your fear and become a successful entrepreneur only if you really want to make a difference in the world where you are living.

You need to manage your fear and not allow it to prevail with you.

Here is one list of 15 things that will have an influence on increasing your fear. Sometimes there are questions and sometimes there are some of your thoughts.

This is not a final list, but if you succeed to overcome this questions and thoughts in your mind you will easily become a fearless person and potential successful entrepreneur.

1. Do I have enough knowledge to start my new business? What if I don’t have enough knowledge?

2. I need to learn more about entrepreneurship. If I learn more I will succeed.

3. Do I have enough skills to start and manage the business?

4. I need to build more skills before I start. Can I first build the skills and then start the business.

5. What if I will not succeed?

6. What if I lose my money?

7. I can’t find the best possible way or checklist that will lead me through the process of business startup. I will search to find the right blueprint before I start the company.

8. I can’t see that success will come as quick as possible.

9. My idea is still not perfect.

10. I need to work more on redesigning my idea.

11. What will other people say?

12. What will my potential customers say?

13. What if other people and customers laugh at me and my ideas? Can I stop this first before I start with my startup process?

14. What if I lose my current job and security?

15. What if I can’t work with the pressure?

Question: Do you have something more that can be part of these reasons for the fear list? Can you share it with us?

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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