Mompreneurs: Restful Sleep is Secret to Success

Entrepreneurship and motherhood are both demanding jobs requiring 100 percent passion and devotion. Yet, for ambitious and family-focused female entrepreneurs (mompreneurs), the two collide.

According to American Community Survey (ACS) data, about 68 percent of mothers with children younger than age six were either working or looking for work.

“Growing Under the Radar: An Exploration of the Achievement of Million-Dollar Women-Owned Firms” commissioned by American Express OPEN found that the number of all women-owned firms has increased by 28.6 percent between 2002 and 2012. The number of women-owned firms with $10 million or more in revenue has even grown by 56.6 percent.

Women-owned firms and working moms are transforming the entrepreneurial landscape. The modern-day woman proves that you can still achieve business success. Success as a result of your entrepreneurial spirit while caring for a little one. Entrepreneurs caring for a newborn, however, will immediately feel the shock of entering motherhood.

She++ has a great documentary video about women involved in careers like engineering and programming through discussions and interviews of entrepreneurs, engineers, and other women from the tech industry.

The following five solutions can help you (and your little one) rest better at night—your business depends on it.

Swaddling Blankets for Mompreneurs

Swaddling reminds the baby of the cozy comfort of being in the womb, and calms and soothes newborns. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, swaddling helps improve sleep and keeps babies from waking themselves from a peaceful sleep. A lightweight, breathable cotton swaddle blanket can help reduce a baby’s involuntary reflexes that can startle the infant awake.

Calming Lotions

Lavender is a naturally calming scent that helps to relieve stress and other minor ailments. Help your little one sleep by applying the soothing and relaxing properties of natural lavender baby lotion. This organic lotion is made with Calendula and Rooibos and helps to soothe eczema, skin allergies, and diaper rash. Earth Mama Angel Baby was also founded by an RN mompreneur.

Nighttime Rituals for Mompreneurs

Creating bedtime rituals over time can create habitual cues that signal it’s time to fall asleep. Condition your little one to fall asleep by giving your baby a warm bath every night, followed by a gentle massage before bedtime. After bath time, rocking your baby to soothing lullabies can also relax and lull the infant into a slumber. Winding down with a baby creates a bonding experience and can also help release your own tension and stress.

If you don’t want to commit to a full month like you’d have to with Happiest Baby then this option is for you as most providers have only a 1-3 night minimum! Never hesitate to get in touch with providers with these kinds of requests, or if you have general questions about an SNOO rental.

Yoga Practice for Mompreneurs

Quieting the mind before bed helps to fall asleep better and have a more restful night’s sleep. Yet, anxious thoughts and over-thinking will prevent the brain from entering relaxation mode for the busy working mom. Decompress before bed and create mental separation between your responsibilities and rest by practicing yoga. Engaging in a nightly yoga routine and focusing on meditative, deep breathing helps calm both your mind and body.

Wake Up Naturally

Waking up to a blaring, beeping alarm clock after a restless night of cradling and feedings can miserably jolt the mind and body awake, especially after only a couple of hours of sleep. Instead, use a Wake-Up Light to gently pull you from your slumber and start the day off with artificial dawn. Waking up to a soft light mimicking a natural sunrise enhances your well-being and can help you start your day on the right foot.

Dragan Sutevski

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