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How Traditional Marketing Fits in the Digital Age

traditional marketing

There’s no doubt about it: We live in a digital age where distance is can be bridged by just a simple touch of a button. This very convenience has led marketing to the digital world. While there are certainly a lot of advantages to this, one simply cannot forego traditional marketing in a snap.

For although a lot of people consider such offline methods to be obsolete, traditional marketing techniques definitely still play a big role in getting your product or event out there and drawing in interested customers and clients.

Let’s check how traditional marketing fits in the digital age looking at mot used traditional marketing techniques.

Television Marketing

This is one of the “old-school” marketing methods that actually retained its value through today, and can even stand alone as a separate campaign. Popular among baby boomers and those forming generation x, paid television advertising is not only great for introducing new products and services, but it also excels in internet marketing in influencing purchasing decisions among consumers.

Radio Marketing

Music streaming sites are certainly popular these days, and with a wide assortment of music genres available, too. But the radio is still considered an effective and efficient medium for marketing, with the advantage of providing local content that actually draws loyal listeners. This allows radio ads to actually be heard by the people tuning in, and ultimately reaching its target demographic.


Cinema advertising is actually quite impactful, although it’s far less utilized as a form of traditional marketing method. Picture this: a large audience glued to their seats as they wait for the movie to start, in an enclosed space with a great sound system, and where phone usage is strongly advised against. It’s the perfect setting to promote upcoming releases or even upcoming events that won’t necessarily be held in the movie theater.

Print Media as Traditional Marketing

Printed materials give off a feel and scent that can trigger a trip down memory lane where books and newspapers were used far more than the internet. Readers also tend to pore over printed materials more than they do for similar posted articles online – probably because it’s more comfortable for the reader’s eyes. Print media advertising still manages to reach where the internet connection cannot, and that is essentially why it still makes an impact today amidst all the digital marketing options available.

Out of Home Media

Banners hung inside shopping centers and outdoor billboards are forms of out-of-home media, which is best used when the goal is to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. Setting up a customized tent that’s decorated with banners and a TV playing a product or event ad on loop in a populated area takes it up a notch, by actually bringing a feel of the product or even sporting event to the target audience for a short yet meaningful interactive experience.

Digital marketing is increasing its reach by the day, and because of this, it might be quite easy for anyone to just brush off traditional marketing. This won’t necessarily be a wise move, however, as a lot of people still do pay more attention to print and television advertising, among others. Although not quite as popular now as they were before the onslaught of digitalization, traditional marketing methods still do make a significant impact in today’s society.

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