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5 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business

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Small businesses don’t like to experiment much when it comes to marketing and especially content marketing. They usually opt for local media ads, leaflets, and coupons for loyal customers. These are all useful, and tested tools and small businesses shouldn’t disregard them.

However, blogs, usually reserved for more extensive and tech-oriented companies, are actually very well-suited to the needs of a small business and its customers. Having a carefully curated blog could be of great help with expanding small businesses and creating a deeper connection with existing customers.

1. Existing customers

Most traditional marketing efforts are concerned with getting new customers and searching for a new market to present your business to. This is an important goal, but it neglects those who have already become your customers and need the incentive to stay. Content marketing, especially regularly updated blogs can help with this.

Blogs offer a sense of connection with the readers. They become a part of their routine and therefore a constant presence in their lives. This is exactly what any business wants – to become more than a convenient place to buy products.

2. Replacing customer service

Deciding on a product or a service is never an easy choice. There are always too many things to consider and too many unknowns to factor in. This is why customers have lots of questions. Most of them you’ve heard too many times before, and a lot of them require a whole essay to answer. This takes up your time, your human resources and isn’t a very efficient way to do things. A blog can do this job for you and leave you actually to run a business. All the questions could be answered on your schedule, and you can go in-depth on specific issues in a way you never could in person.

3. Organic search engine traffic

There are a lot of esoteric rules for search engine optimization. Researching the audience and using proper keywords is the first step. There’ also a lot to be said about finding a catchy and clickable title. However, according to experts at SEO Fuel Agency, there’s nothing more important than providing quality content on your blog. Content that is written by those who actually know the industry could bring you more traffic than any gimmicky title or a clickable photo.

content marketing and blog lead generation

4. More sales with content marketing

Bringing traffic to the website and making it easy to find is fine, but it isn’t the ultimate goal of a business. The real goal is to sell more products and make a profit. Luckily, the numbers are in on this topic, and it’s true that content marketing costs less than any other form of advertising, and it generates more leads and more sales. Conversion rates are up to 6 times higher for those using content marketing than for those who don’t. It’s also important to note that 60 percent of content creators think that written content is the essential part of their efforts.

5. Making your name in the industry

A blog isn’t just made for making sales it’s also a platform on which you can talk about your business, success stories and business plans for the future. If you provide good content and a good product, people from your industry and your community will take notice. It’s not something you can immediately put a price tag on, but it’s definitely more than a vanity issue. Being influential in your industry could lead to a lot of lucrative deals.

Blogs are one of the least expensive and most useful channels for marketing. Start using it right away and notice the benefits instantaneously.

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