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On-Site or Remote Monitoring: Which Option is Best for Your Company

remote monitoring

If you go searching for business IT support, you’ll be offered two options: onsite and remote IT monitoring. You need to understand the meaning of these two terms, and the way they influence the type of service your company receives or you may get ripped off for a service that doesn’t match your requirements.

Remote IT Support entails maintenance, fixes, and other assistance the tech expert can carry out remotely over the Internet.

With remote support, you and the technician don’t have to meet. Instead, the expert uses a tool known as Remote Access Software to directly log into your system from their off-site location, and navigate it to spot the problem and fix it (or give way forward).This way, they can directly locate the problem, and most times, fix it right away.

Remote monitoring is the approach businesses use for day-to-day troubleshooting and the best way to get quick fixes to some common tech troubles.

Advantages of Remote Support

Offsite Support became one of the most popular business security systems when remote access software became readily available, more secure and dependable.  But what do companies benefit from remote IT support?

Speed and efficiency

While onsite services entail dialing an emergency number and then waiting for the technician to arrive, sometimes the wait may last for hours. This means your routine operations must stop for some time.

Remote support, on the other hand, offers on-the-spot remedies, the sooner you can connect to your off-site expert, the faster you get help and carry on with your daily activities.

A cheaper option

Offsite monitoring is way cheaper than onsite support because the IT specialist does not have to come to your premise physically. And because IT problems are typically dealt with faster than if done onsite, the average cost of a remote support task is cheaper than the same task job carried out on-site.

Onsite Support

Onsite Support is where the specialist comes to your office to solve an IT problem. It often proves handy in cases the expert’s physical presence is the easiest or only way to fix the issue.

Why Onsite Monitoring?

Some business owners feel that remote assistance is all a firm need to keep their tech at its best because you get quick help exactly when you need it. But there are exceptions where on-site support is the best.

Best for physical breakdowns

The nature of the issue at hand may vary from time to time, for example, if the breakdown is physical (on your hardware) which means the specialist must come along to inspect the glitch.  For instance, if your desktop won’t boot, then the IT specialists won’t be able to log into your system remotely.

This is the main reason onsite support remains important for all companies. It helps protect essential IT infrastructure. Plus, it is the reason why sometimes a combination of these two services is the most reasonable solution for your business.

You don’t have to wait for IT problems to strike to get IT support, always ensure you have someone to check your systems either onsite or remotely.

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