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Business management software platforms are gaining more ground as business entities become conscious of their lucrativeness in supporting essential functions that help sustain the profitability of such an entity.

This is done in an automated fashion, leaving a little margin for error, thus improving work efficiency. No matter the scale of operation of any business, the management software help smoothen operations by balancing between multiple operations for a single business or a chain which is usually overwhelming for human personnel, especially if such operations are running concurrently. Holded remains top of the line among such software providing real-time data that helps assess risk and run transactions efficiently.

Management Automation

Holded avails various premium tools at your discretion, giving you the ability to automate up to 50% managerial obligations for your commercial entity.  The software is designed to adapt to different fields hence providing a more personalized output for companies and freelancers. 

The software’s interface is customizable to suit your preferences enabling you to grant personalized access or deny such access.  The software has also been considered user-friendly with easy navigation guiding you to comprehensive reports and operations accounts responsible for managing sales and expenditure. The platform gives you unlimited access to hundreds of concise reports, which you can readily export in different templates and file formats based on your preference.

Holded is your rational business partner that guides you in formulating long-term and short-term plans and has an automatic update system that keeps up with changes.

You can also lay your hands on the Lean Six Sigma training program. And, why not? With this, your workforce will have a strong understanding of processes, have an introduction to process management, and have assistance to achieve the enterprise’s overall objectives.

Automated Online Invoices

Holded facilitates buying and selling transactions in a more simplified outline that you can easily interpret.  Here you have the free will to manipulate the business’s budget by managing supply orders, accrued products, and services in correspondence to their specific invoices and later payments.

You can retrieve details of any transaction, big or small, helping you make accurate follow-ups. It is now easy and convenient to formulate sale orders converting them to invoices, either partial or complete. One can also issue tailor-made proformas and delivery notes and control the maturity of budgets and sales.

Flexible Customization

Holded, like earlier stated, is more customizable than most business management software in the market today. Tools are at your disposal for uploading your business logo, typography, designing the software interface to match your corporate appeal using background features and suitable watermarks. For the documents, you can format them with over 100 templates provided for you.

The platform can also be synchronized to the business bank details, automatically accounting for purchase transactions.  The software responds to how you configure it to account for the recurrent purchases or none recurrent.

Alternatively, the software may automatically learn from your working criteria, slowly adapting to the individual style of your business. The software lets you assign a specific duty to different accounts.  Individual sales may be categorized in a specific sales account, and the same goes for the expenses.

Other categorizations may feature a cost center and an entire department for projects.  With such an outline, it is easy for the administration to rate individual transactions and formulate informed decisions that improve the nature of the business to make it a viable competitor in the market.

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